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A hypnotic trip riding along some ambient techno vibes with an uber classic 90s hi hat are offered on 'Zoltan's Hyperloop' which remains groovy all along till the end without being cold or distant. 
In 'Just Listen', Gaston et Baba get close and cheeky with a superb and subtle sample over a slightly slower and dubbier rhythm producing a hypnotic deep house number.

'Salo' goes more tropical yet maintains the necessary seriousness and composure to produce a killer house tune... or is it techno? The debate is out there. 

Rest assured that this will fly easily. Essential on my books.


Sil says: Love in the times of cholera or dancing the panic away to Baba and Gaston visions of house. Absolutely essential 12".

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Looking great Beth. Thanks for ordering as always 🙏
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