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North east man of mystery, Man Power takes time off from his current labour of love, Me Me Me, to spread his wings into the wider market with this release for DGTL. "The Duelist" contrasts frenetic 303 liens with emotive piano chords and crisp, skeletal beats. The result is a slowly building, wide screen dance track for big arenas or pivotal climaxes. Riddled with sentiment, as we reach the final furlong I'll forgive you if you abandon the dancefloor to affirm your feelings for your chosen loved one. "El Mago Del Tiempo" goes on a darker slant, more akin to the Hivern Discs label that he has himself guested on. Hand claps snap back of a concrete wall as sizzling acid lines slowly come into focus against rising strings and a glitchy beat. A solid and stimulating excersise in sound design and synthesis, I can't help but place it against other cinematic dance producers like James Holden and Four Tet. Side B cut, "Put Your Hands On The Car..." takes cues from Timothy Fairplay and the ALFOS mob as it creeps out the speakers with a wry smile and sinister intentions whilst also recalling the pitch black crawl of Tapan and Crimes Of The Near Future. Mega!

Fort Romeau

Untitled II / A Familiar Place

DGTL and ADE regular, not to mention Cin Cin label boss and Piccadilly house favourite, Fort Romeau drops an understated and sexy EP for the DGTL festival's vinyl imprint. On side A we have "Untitled II". Containing the typically sumptuous and sophisticated elements of a top FR production - gliding arps, darting synths, super crisp production and full frequency sound, the track's moody keyboard motif ensuring it keeps its cool when faced with big crowds. "Familiar Place" displays his idiosyncratic brand of wide-screen techno perfectly; a rocketing, forward propelled beat garnished with stuttering 303s and droning sawtooth bass. Lovely stuff.

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PREORDER: Mr. Fingers 'Cerebral Hemispheres' Larry Heard follows up that spectacular 12" w…
Sat 17th - 2:56
A definite hit here @PiccadillyRecs Gonna be on the shop player for some time to come I think.....
Fri 16th - 1:54
We also got this today, what a lovely surprise with our 7's, thanks @courtneymelba, and @Milk_Records xox
Thu 15th - 2:42
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