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Jóhann Jóhannsson

Englabörn & Variations - Reissue

    Fresh perspectives unveiled on poignant reissue of the late Jóhann Jóhannsson’s debut album, set for release by Deutsche Grammophon in remastered form with additional album of reworkings.

    During the weeks before his untimely passing on February 9, award-winning Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson was closely involved in preparations for the reissue of his debut album, “Englabörn”. Originally released in 2002, the record had been especially remastered, and a second disc containing reworkings of a number of its tracks had also been assembled.

    Some were by Jóhannsson himself – including a piano version of the title track, performed by fellow Deutsche Grammophon artist Víkingur Ólafsson – while others involved included Ryuichi Sakamoto, A Winged Victory for the Sullen and his close friend and long-time collaborator Hildur Guðnadóttir.

    Soaring and uplifting, this ambient instrumental album holds volumes of emotion. From the director of The Theory of Everything & Man on Wire: James Marsh, 'The Mercy' stars Colin Firth, Rachel Weisz and David Thewlis with music by Jóhann Jóhannsson. Yachtsman Donald Crowhurst's disastrous attempt to win the 1968 Golden Globe Race ends up with him creating an outrageous account of traveling the world alone by sea. Composer Jóhann Jóhannsson credits include: Golden Globe Award, Academy Award Nomination, BAFTA Award Nomination & Grammy Award Nomination for The Theory of Everything Academy Award Nomination & BAFTA Award Nomination for “Sicario”, World Soundtrack Award, Golden Globe Award Nomination & BAFTA Award Nomination for “Arrival”. A truly beautiful soundtrack capturing the heart of The Mercy. 


    2xLtd LP includes MP3 Download Code.

    This autumn DG are releasing Max Richter’s soundtrack to Henry May Long (2008 feature film).Synopsis - Late in the nineteenth century, Henry May, New York's golden child, has reached the end of a long road to self-destruction. In debt and drug addicted, he is simply marking time until his eventual exile into poverty and oblivion. On the other side of the city Henry Long carefully observes May's decline, devoting his brilliant mind to the constant surveillance of his former school friend. May and Long finally meet and begin a complicated and dangerous odyssey that leads them to the sea and beyond. The houses and families of New York's golden age as well as the timeless underworld of the city are vividly brought to life as May and Long journey to the possible resolution of both their troubled lives. Both men discover what they have lost to get where they are, what they are willing to risk to get what they want and what they are willing to lose to live. 


    Barry says: This is exactly as heart-tuggingly emotive and thick with atmosphere as you'd expect from Richter. Mournful slow string swells and tinkling keys pull together to create one of his greatest works to date, and certainly one of the most beautiful soundtracks i've heard for a long time.

    Max Richter


      After Songs from Before and The Blue Notebooks, DG is releasing the third in a row of Max Richter’s Retrospective catalogue – Infra, now on Vinyl and CD!

      Scored for piano, electronics, and string quartet, Infra is an expansion of a 25-minute piece Richter wrote for a collaboration with choreographer Wayne McGregor and visual artist Julian Opie

      The original ballet was a response to the London bombings on 7/7.Richter explains: “The piece is about traveling, and in a way, [the songs] are quite existential, a meditation on the political state of London at that time and the tragedy of those events. We all knew people who had been affected by it or killed. Music is a social activity, and by definition, making any kind of statement is a political act.”

      The release follows Max Richter’s latest album “Three Worlds: music from Woolf Works”, which likewise features music from his score to Wayne McGregor’sballetWoolf Works

      With Infra Max Richter also responded to, amongst other things, Winterreise, Schubert’s masterful, mournful gothic era song cycle based on Wilhelm Muller’s bleak monodramatic poems set in a brutal winter about a questing, misunderstood wanderer whose heart, and memory, is frozen in grief

      Max Richter

      Three Worlds: Music From Woolf Works

      Following the success of SLEEP, Max Richter reveals his latest recording project – a new album entitled Three Worlds: music from Woolf Works. It’s drawn from his music to Wayne McGregor’s award-winning Royal Ballet production Woolf Works – inspired by the works of Virginia Woolf. Woolf Works returns to the Royal Opera House, London, from 21st January to 14th February, with a worldwide cinema broadcast on 8th February. 

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