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Matching Mole

Live At The BBC 1972

    This 1972 BBC Live recording is the perfect proof of what a band like Matching Mole could do in concert during their too short existence. The quartet playing was way more free and adventurous than in studio and the tunes were often stretched out and built to dense instrumental climaxes.

    Dave MacRae - electric piano, Phil Miller - guitar, Bill MacCormick - bass, Robert Wyatt - drums, vocals. A great live session from a key group in the Canterbury rock scene and an essential companion to the band's historical studio albums.


    Live In Germany 25 June 1971

      1975 was a turning point year for Kraftwerk and this live set from Koeln is a fine document of the band's live shows of the period. The album opens with an epic sidelong version of the previous year's big hit "Autobahn", their first lucky experiment with highly repetitive electronic structure, they would become known for later, and it also includes a fine rendition of "Ruckzuck", a classic tune from their 1970 first album. This is highly futuristic German Musik of the seventies at its best.


      Doko E. Live In Cologne 1973

        Recorded in 1973 at Inner Space Studios during the "Future Days" sessions, this album contains the full lenght performance of "Doko E" a track which appeared on the “Limited Edition” LP. But where the original release gave us only a two and a half minute version, here you can get the whole 40 minutes. A solid and energetic session from the Can classic line up featuring Holger Czukay, Michael Karoli, Irmin Schmidt, Jaki Liebezeit and "Damo" Suzuki. Highly recommended for both Can completists and newcomers.


        Auf Der Einbahnstrasse: Live In Köln

          Two long studio sessions recorded in 1971 in the band's hometown of Koln by the classic Can lineup of Damo Suzuki, Holger Czukai, Michael Karoli, Irmin Schmidt and Jaki Liebezeit. This is the '70s Krautrock scene's most iconic band at their absolute creative peak and caught in action during the epic Tago Mago sessions. A full catalogue of atmospheric minimal grooves that would influence generations to come.

          The Cramps

          Live At Keystone, Palo Alto, California, February 1st, 1979

            Sacramento’s own, The Cramps, performing live at the legendary punk club Keystone in Palo Alto, a year prior to the release of their debut album, are in top form. Ripping through tracks from that debut, as well as early singles and the classic 1978 EP, Gravest Hits, this is an epic set from the punk group that literally invented the genre of “psychobilly”. Intense, rocking, and glorious, The Cramps were one of the greatest live bands of their era and this set does not disappoint.

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