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Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Mystic voyage LP loaded with Gems… Brother green is a massive rare groove dancer and as for “Life is just a moment” You only want on 45 !!!

All first time on 7” 

Reuben Wilson And The Cost Of Living

Got To Get Your Own / Tight Money

    A limited edition 7” release by Reuben Wilson, both tracks taken from the “Got to get your own” LP.Again DYANMITE CUTS giveyou super fresh loud 45 cuts of these club classic. Including a wonderful re-production of the original sleeve

    Track A1 – “Got to get your own” –RARE GROOVE Club classic, a hard to find 7” release now reissued Djs favorite. This is the short version

    Track B2 –“Tight Money”Mid-tempo bumping vocal funk classic. Another Rare groove dancer. Great

    Super fresh loud 45 cuts of this monster psychedelic horn driven funk jazz theme with one of the best drum breaks - 10/10. A hard to find DJ favourite that brings the house down every time. 


    7" Info: Limited to 500 copies.

    The Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds

    2001 / Freddie's Dead

    Dynamite Cuts signs off for 2018 with a limited 7" edition of this killer from Cecil Holmes, giving us a super fresh loud cut 45 of these monster monster B-boy jams. Side A features club classic and DJ favorite b-boy banger "2001", a superb version of the classic theme, with added big sample and drums break. Track B2, “Freddie’s Dead”, is a great cover of the Curtis classic and a super loud cut.


    Mademoiselle / Tena's Song

      "Mademoiselle" is a rare groove club classic and a favourite amongst DJs! With its grooving swing and snapping slapped bass taking the lead role behind the smoother than silk vox beneath. Flip over and we get "Tena's Song" providing the more upbeat counterpart to the slow, sashaying vibes of the first half, string stabs and flickering guitar working away beneath the three-part vocal harmonies and beautifully balanced piano. A Must have 45!


      7" Info: Limited to 500 copies.

      Chicago Gangsters

      Gangster Boogie / Why Did You Do It

      “Gangster Boogie” is a club classic in its own right as well as being one of the most famous Hip Hop samples from back in the days. It was the backing to the LL COOL J anthem “Mama said knock you out”. "Why Did You Do It" is a heavy downbeat funk track with great drum loops and a lot of groove. 


      Millie says: The funkiest track around has to be awarded to Chicago Dancers, slick guitar riffs and heavy saxophone. It's very very limited so don't hang about.


      7" Info: Original 45 cut, limited to 500 copies.

      People Must Jam return to their Collector's Cuts series after a lengthy delay (two years since this one first hit the presales!), taking us on a trip to Hamburg to visit Growing Bin gentleman Basso. If you've paid any attention to our staff recommendations over the last few years you'll be well acquainted with Growing Bin Records, a home to the esoteric, ecstatic and frankly mind blowing. Whether he's ahead of the reissue pack, introducing us to German jazz-funk rarities, woodland kosmische and Iranian fusion, or bossing the end of year charts with Aussie ambient, French library sounds and textural house, Basso's constantly looking for something new, different and essential.

      This should come as no surprise, since the Hamburg native started Growing Bin as a blog and online shop dedicated to his first love - digging! As my personal first port of call for rare record information or wine recommendations, Basso is a generous man with a sophisticated palate - and an insane record collection. Here he dives deep into the bin to splice together four exquisite selections for late nights, early mornings or afternoons on the yacht. 

      We're in tropical territories on the A1, enjoying a breakfast mimosa on the cape while the steel pans, lilting groove and toasty bass of "Bumba" roll on and on. As jazzy as my trademark shirts, smoother than Silvestre's latin charms and madder than Matt on the staff party, this dreamboat docks at headband bay for a glorious guitar solo before erupting into an echo-drenched climax of lunatic laughter. Before you ask, the "Ol Dirty Vinyl" style skip-out before the solo is supposed to be there, embrace the oddness and imagine Basso winking behind the decks. Onto the A2 and the floor-filling, club killing sound of "Jane's Addiction", a top notch Kwaito groover which demands shoulder rolling, side stepping and fist pumping from the off. Plastic synth sounds, bubbling bass, BIG vocals and a hot hook - need I say more?

      Bump to the B-side and take a deep breath for some BOOOOOGGGGGIIIIIEEEEE (Randy Brunson TM)! Slipping into some freshly pressed chinos and winding its body like a snake is "Novo Espectaculo", a Portugeuse / Brazillian heater for warm ups, rub downs and Balearic party sets. Blessed with the kind of tight, pocket dwelling groove you could loop giddily for at least four hours, this Portuguese tart takes us through melodic MPB vocals, fusion guitar licks and crazed drunk-at-the-carnival breakdowns before leaving our heart lighter and our limbs significantly looser. Last but not least, Basso treats us to an expert edit of a German synth funk rarity, appearing here as "Gioco Sporco In Palazzo". Now, the keen eared among you may have heard this new waver recut for Il Bosco and The Bat's Red Laser release, and our close friend Bosco actually bought a copy of this cut from the Growing Bin. Well, while this one languished in the pressing plant queue, Mancunia's finest editors beat old Basso to the punch, but now you have another ace option for B2B DJ extension, drag backs or other technical jocking. Emotive vocals, percolating sequences and ace FX make this a fitting end to a fine EP. Basso ftw!


      A Gradual Decline

        Cuts, the audio-visual project of composer and filmmaker Anthony Tombling Jr, releases his debut album ‘A Gradual Decline’ through Village Green Recordings. Available on double vinyl and CD with printed inners featuring artwork photography taken by Cuts himself in Iceland.  

        Summoning 11 widescreen, electronic compositions in response to global political and environmental breakdown, ‘A Gradual Decline’ addresses the planet’s current fragility using actual field recordings of ice collapsing from glaciers. Weaving these momentary, dramatic events directly into the DNA of the music, Cuts has sculpted rhythmic elements out of geological transformation.

        A stark sense of urgency permeates ‘A Gradual Decline’. At times chaotic and alarming, the album’s siren-like tones and volatile, stuttered beats converge with synthetic gales of melody and glacial percussion. Elsewhere, the sense of precariousness is subtler, enveloped in gaseous chords that swell and evaporate, ethereal and dense guitars and distant vocals – all hallmarks of previous Cuts material - here honed into a concise, conceptual set.

        Francisco Aguabella

        Desire / Casa Fuerte

        "Desire" is an amazing vocal club classic which has stood the test of time and is always in demand. It was never before pressed and released as a 45. A massive dancer and a must have release! If you like Latin Jazz dancers b-side "Casa Fuerte" is for you. A top class banger!


        Millie says: Fast paced lively Latin jazz always gets a big thumbs up from me, it's upbeat style is infectious making everyone in the mood to dance.

        "I Can See Through You" is a club classic in its own right. A massive rare groove dancer that gives you all the vibes and feels! "Chicken Yellow" is a heavy mid-tempo groover with a classic heavy drum break sample. A long awaited 45 release!


        7" Info: Limited to 500 copies.

        One of the outstanding Jazz fusion albums from the late 70s includes timeless classic and Jazz dance anthem is an obvious winner, Norman Connor. Dynamite Cuts releases a quality limited edition double pack release which gives you 4 of those masterpieces, all are first time on 7”. Be quick on this one as the Dynamite sevens don’t hang around.

        Another outstanding Jazz fusion release for Dynamite cuts. Limited edition 7” release of 2 masterpieces by Alice Babs and Nils Lindberg's Orchestra. Both tracks ‎taken from the “Music With A Jazz Flavour” LP. A necessity for any Jazz collector.

        Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers

        Right On

        Since launching last year, the Dynamite Cuts has delivered a string of killer seven-inch singles featuring sought-after cuts from fantastic old albums and this is another must-have along the same lines. It boasts two tracks from Clarence Wheeler and the Enforcers' 1970 debut album, "Doing What We Wanna Do", neither of which have appeared on a "45" before. You'll find a riotous Hammond funk explosion rich in energetic, break-driven drumming and wild trumpet and organ solos on the B-side, with the similarly sweaty title track nestling on the A. This insatiable number is altogether deeper and looser in feel, with tasty group vocals rising above bustling drums, warm Hammond lines and punchy sax solos.

        Crow Castle Cuts returns from the dead (or should that be from the cosmos) with a special one-off, super limited edition EP relating to close encounters of an extraterrestrial kind! Leipzig's Lootbeg providing six tracks of Martain and Jovion dance music with the typically dreamy and captivating production that characterized the first run of (now extremely collectable) Crow Castle Cuts records. With Luv*Jam on hand to provide their idiosyncratic and completely enveloping 're-nips', this is one addition to the catalogue you don't wanna miss! Six tracks that traverse our immediate solar system with all the grace and finesse of the Mars Curiosity Rover. Recommended.


        Matt says: Luv*Jam's just dropped up a super secret stash of Dream House / Crow Castle cuts merch. LAST CHANCE SALOON on this cuts guys as the label closes the book on the past and looks to the next chapter. Do not miss this iconic UK dance music relics!


        A Slow Decay

          Cuts’ music has been described as “diving-belldeep growls to sky-scraping, synthetic peals” by Crack Magazine, with The 405 noting “clear influences from the powerful build of Mogwai tracks to the My Bloody Valentine-esque use of distortion and distant vocals.” On Cuts’ ‘EP1’ released by Invada, The Quietus wrote “the buzz and hum of fed-back electronics get underscored by the undoubtedly sinister-feeling creep of industrial percussive mechanisms.”

          A stark sense of urgency permeates the music on ‘A Slow Decay’ - sometimes chaotic and alarming, with siren-like melodies, volatile, stuttered beats and synthetic gales of melody that wrap themselves around glacial percussion. Elsewhere the sense of precarity is subtler, enveloped in gaseous chords that swell and evaporate, or ethereal and dense guitars and distant vocals - all hallmarks of previous Cuts material, here honed into a concise conceptual set.

          Nicholas Greenwood was born in Hertford on March 2nd 1948. Having played bass and toured America and elsewhere with the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, in 1969 he left the band to focus on his own music. After brewing up the material for Cold Cuts with his collaborator Dick Heninghem, they returned to America with drummer Eric Peachey in 1970 and recorded the album in Los Angeles, with engineer Richard Barcelona at the controls and Greenwood and Marc Chase producing. The sessions also included input from guest musicians including Bunk Gardner from the Mothers of Invention and Bryn Haworth, formerly of Les Fleur de Lys, and the powerful results are rightly regarded as a progressive rock classic.

          Upon their return to the UK the trio formed Khan in April 1971, with ace guitarist Steve Hillage (formerly of Uriel, better-known as Arzachel, and then Egg). Managed by Terry King, who also handled Caravan, they gigged around the UK over the course of the year, supporting bands such as Audience, Lindisfarne, Genesis and Van Der Graaf Generator. Heninghem departed in October, and was replaced by Dave Stewart (previously of Egg) in time to rehearse and record an album in December. They continued to gig widely in 1972, but Greenwood departed in June (replaced by Nigel Griggs, later of Split Enz). Khan’s album, Space Shanty, appeared in September 1972.

          At much the same time Terry King was setting up his own label, Kingdom Records, which finally issued Cold Cuts in December, almost three years after it had been recorded. Despite also appearing in France and Holland (on the Pink Elephant label), it made no impact at all. Part of this might be to do with the off-putting sleeve, which depicts a seated figure made out of meat. It was in fact a 1970 artwork by Australian-born Philippe Mora, entitled Pork Chop Ballad. According to his online biography, ‘in the Sigi Krauss Gallery’s Easter Crucifixion exhibition in 1970, Mora’s main contribution was a life-size sculpture of a seated figure made entirely of meat, placed on a bentwood chair… The police were called when Princess Margaret complained about the stench when dining at the restaurant across the street, and Krauss was forced to move it to the back garden, where the neighbours, thinking the artwork was a murder victim, called in Scotland Yard again.’ The credit for the artwork went to Bon Seideman and noted US psychedelic artist John Van Hamersveld, who had also worked on Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles, Crown Of Creation by Jefferson Airplane and Exile On Main Street by The Rolling Stones. It is not known how many copies of Cold Cuts were pressed or sold but it is at the apex of ultra rare UK prog items.

          Leo's Sunshipp

          45s Collection

            This gem of a soul album has been transformed into a 45s collection for the very first time. Released on Dynamite Cuts is on high-quality limited edition 1000 copies double pack 2x7” release which gives you all of those masterpieces from the album. Filled with the best tracks such as ‘Give Me The Sunshine’ and ‘Get Down People’, this sharp 7” is going to fly off the shelves in their own sunship perhaps, beautiful stuff.

            Following the recent release of the "Exist" EP, Cuts - composer and filmmaker Anthony Tombling Jr - releases "Dream Voyager", with remixes from shoegaze legends Slowdive and Village Green labelmate Ben Chatwin.

            The original’s electric hum, pounding drums and indistinct vocals are reassembled by shoegaze heavyweights Slowdive and Village Green labelmate Ben Chatwin. The former remould the tune inline with their image by adding a pulsating heartbeat and swathes of atmospheric guitar while on the flip Chatwin transforms the tune almost beyond recognition, into a rumbling monster decked with cascading analogue synths and distorted percussion.

            Action Painting!

            Trial Cuts

              Operating at the more muscley end of the SARAH RECORDS spectrum ACTION PAINTING! burst out of the fanzine scene with three frantic arrogant-riot-pop singles for SARAH and one for DAMAGED GOODS before they dematerialized. The band never realized a full length LP at the time. This collection, assembled by the band, features choice cuts from the bands 4 singles, and also includes a wealth of unreleased material that would have made up the bands debut LP had they survived the dramas of their speed driven youth.


              LP Info: 12 tracks with 24 track download.

              George Semper

              Pretty Lady / Universe

              Two gems from the vaults of the Semper camp. Taken from the mega rare “Themes for television, sport and Aerobics” released on the Pixie Records. Dynamite Cuts is releasing these two as a limited edition.

              Track A - “Pretty Lady”wonderful synth vibe with a whole lot of soul, no drums or heavy grooves, just a rare touch of smooth sunshine on a 45.

              Track B - “Universe(Exterritorial Search Contact Tones)” Its all about this beauty, a magic moment in time. So much soul in such a short track. Has Hudson and Duke vibe, never before on 45 vinyl must have vinyl

              100% Pure Poison's holy grail funk album, "Windy C" transformed into a tasty 45 collection by Dynamite Cuts. Limited edition, 1000 copies, double pack 2x7” release which gives you four exquisite cuts from that album. two of which have never been released on 7" before.

              Hard and soulful, with heartfelt vocal delivery and aggressive brass, this is primo grooving funk from a band so in the pocket they can't see the table!


              This double A-side treat brings together two killer cuts from the band's 1978 debut album, 'Help Us Spread The Message'.Pressed onto a 7" single for the very first time. A-side "Star Children" is a  deep and spaced-out affair, while on the flip "Help Us Spread The Message" is a horizontal soul folk classic.

              Andrew Liles

              The Flesh Creeping Gonzoid: Speciality Offal & Other Choice Cuts

                Sister collection to “The Flesh Creeping Gonzoid & Other Imaginary Creatures.” Studio out-takes, deleted obscurities, compilation appearances and vinyl and download releases. The DVD included is an extended version of the very limited DVDR of “Life Is An Empty Place”. (N.B: DVD may not play in all territories – it is REGION 2). All discs are over 75 minutes in length and feature a wealth of previously unreleased material. The discs are housed in individual card sleeves. Box includes a 4 page insert with the track-listing. Limited to 500. 

                Released 40 years ago in 1977 ''Rhythm Of Life '' by James Mason was possibly one of the greatest vocal Jazz fusion releases of all time . New vinyl imprint Dynamite releases a quality limited edition double pack release showcasing the highlights from that album plus some additional rare versions of the tracks. The version of 'Sweet Power Your Embrace'' is taken from the incredibly rare 7 inch promo only issue. On the flipside is a different version of the club floor dancer ''Free'' which features a heavy bongo workout . The 45 second slab on this package features two tracks featuring the vocals from Clarice Taylor on ' I've Got My Eyes On You'' and the superb 'Slick City' which were both never commercially released as a 45 before.

                Luv*Jam presents DJ Moonbeam, a producer from Ohio who seems to be making waves in the digital undercurrents. His first vinyl release to date, five tracks that skirt the oceans and the skies with a expansive, wide-screen outlook and delicately poised content. It's a wonder that this cat hasn't graced any of Luv*Jam's many label previous to this, as his buoyant, playful yet advanced grasp of sound seems perfectly in keeping with their many outlets. Anyway, there's no time like the present to get involved, and across the EP we get a good insight into what makes this producer tick; hi-tech dancefloor business with a view to the stars and planets. Ace.

                The second EP from Rhemi in the "Choice Cuts" series. London duo Ziggy Funk & Neil Pierce unleash four more of their finest productions on vinyl for the frst time. At the forefront of London’s nascent soulful house revival (although many would argue the sound never left our nation’s capital), both artists are no strangers to the BBE label. Commencing with 2014 smash "Beat Within", featuring powerful, floor-filling vocals from Cassius Henry; recently granted a new lease of life thanks to a white-hot remix by the mighty Opolopo. Next up comes a special down and dirty dub mix of "Everything Is Good"; a potent dancefloor workout, tested and approved in nightclubs the world over. Familiar to BBE fans since appearing on Kiko Navarro’s album "Everything Happens For A Reason", London vocal duo Hanlei provide a vintage performance on feel-good anthem "Keep Dancing", combining ‘club classic’ appeal with tight, modern production. Originally release on Rhemi’s "Land Of Promise" EP, "Freedom" closes out the EP with a deep groove and warm, rhythmic stabs designed to hypnotise. With another two volumes of "Choice Cuts" on the way and a work-rate that shows no signs of slowing down, it’s safe to say we can expect a big year for the Rhemi boys.

                Ryley Walker

                Golden Sings That Have Been Sung - Deep Cuts Edition

                Ryley Walker is pleased to announce his new album, Golden Sings That Have Been Sung, coming out August 19th on Dead Oceans. It’s the triumphant follow up to his breakout album, Primrose Green, which earned critical hosannas from the likes of NPR, Village Voice, Uncut, and Mojo and admiration of musicians who had chalked up no shortage of turntable miles in Walker’s life. Robert Plant declared himself a fan – as did double-bass legend Danny Thompson, with whom Ryley embarked on a British tour.

                In November 2015, at the end of a ten-month period which saw Ryley play over 200 shows in support of Primrose Green, Ryley decided that he should probably head home. However you wished to measure it, he was surely due some sort of holiday. Although, a holiday was the last thing on Ryley’s mind – and certainly not a holiday in his adopted hometown. After a year spent on the road, all that Ryley could associate with Chicago was the emotional debris he had left behind.

                He went into the studio over the Christmas vacation to record Golden Sings That Have Been Sung whose songs were directly wedded to Ryley’s return to Chicago. Some of his formative musical memories had been shaped by the work of pioneering Chicago acts such as Gastr del Sol and Tortoise. “Jeff Parker was the guitarist with Tortoise, and I used to listen to him a lot,” recalls Ryley, who figured that, for the first time in his career, it might be helpful to enlist the services of a producer. With only one person on his shortlist, once again, all roads led back to Chicago.

                Ryley had been a long-time admirer of sometime Wilco multi-instrumentalist LeRoy Bach. Back in 2009, still in his teens, he had frequented the improv nights hosted by Bach at a restaurant/gallery space called Whistler. “For me, it was an incredible opportunity,” recalls Ryley, “…because you would sometimes also have Dan Bitney, the drummer with Tortoise, and I’d get to play with these people. I mean, they were twice my age. I’m sure they thought I was annoying at first, maybe some of them still do, but I kind of looked at them like gurus – and to have these old school Chicago heads taking me in was just amazing.”

                For Ryley then, the prospect of having Bach produce his album was something of a no-brainer. “It was everything I wanted it to be,” he enthuses. “I would go to LeRoy’s house every other day with a riff, and we would take it from there.” Perhaps more than any other song on the record, the somnambulant sun-dappled intimacies of opening track and lead single “The Halfwit In Me” most audibly bear the imprint of those Whistler sessions.

                Golden Sings That Have Been Sung was made for the dewy magic hour when night and day have yet to meet and, as long as the song is playing, you feel might briefly leave the corporeal world with them. This is the music you might imagine the woodland animals making once the humans have left for the night. This is Ryley Walker’s coming of age.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Barry says: Having been one of our end of year favourites in 2015, Ryley Walker had a lot to live up to with this follow-up (obviously he had impressing us in mind). It turns out that this is just as monumental, if not moreso. There is a sense of assurance here, a confidence gained through years of honing his craft. Perfectly sculpted Americana-tinged acoustic guitars are bolstered but never overpowered by frenetic violin slashes, molasses-slow drums perfectly compliment the unhurried and confident instrumentation. Walker and band have got a lot of bettering to do if they'll ever top this, but going on previous form, i'm sure they will. An absorbing and rewarding listen.

                Motor City Drum Ensemble

                Raw Cuts # 5 & 6

                While too many other house producers seem to get lost in the studio and come out with the sweepings off the floor as their new releases (gee, thanks), or some tedious extended offering that'll send you to sleep halfway through (zzzz), Motor City Drum Ensemble's Danilo Plessow never loses sight of a) the soul, and b) the dancefloor. After two previous offerings in his essential "Raw Cuts" series, he's back with numbers 5 and 6 here, dropping some seriously good house music. Simplicity is the key here, with "#5" slotting together some block party chatter (pinched from Tom Browne's "Funkin' For Jamaica"?), a solid 4/4 kick, some shuffling percussion, a hint of a funky guitar lick, a female vocal snippet and an insistent organ line. Instant hit alert! "# 6" fires up the Fender Rhodes as well as the pace and pulls us in the direction of the dancefloor. MCDE rules!

                DJ Fun-K has done it again. The second volume of his "Breaks Loops & Cuts" will hit the spot perfectly for all your beat-jugglers and turntablists out there. There are 12 tracks to play with, ranging from Flamenco-driven beats to Arabian breaks with plenty of sample snips to get scratching with as well.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                LP Info: Limited edition white vinyl pressing.

                Motor City Drum Ensemble

                Raw Cuts # 3 & 4

                You can always rely on Motor City Drum Ensemble to come up with great house tunes, and here he goes again, bringing us a second pair of "Raw Cuts" tracks. "Raw Cuts # 3" features a simple 4/4 rhythm with disco percussion, proddy keyboard line hissing hi-hats and some 'yeah' and 'ooooooh'ing vocal snippets until a fantastic female vocal (sample) gets added to the mix. "Raw Cuts # 4" takes the BPMs up a notch or two for a galloping disco house romp topped with warm organ chords and jazzy touches. Proper house music.

                Motor City Drum Ensemble

                Raw Cuts # 1 & 2

                Motor City Drum Ensemble are back in style on this mystery 12" that just popped up yesterday. "Raw Cuts #1" is a brilliant example of a simple loop being exploited to its full potential, it's a pretty unrelenting groove, with brilliant kiddy style voices on repeat, tight beats and a bassline teased out of the bottom end of the loop, layer up some FX and you have a winner. Over on side-B "Raw Cuts #2" has a distinctly more disco flavour being a big old slab of live bass, congas and a sample of "Ooh This Feeling" by Frank Hooker & Positive People makes for a pretty ace nu disco outing.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                12" Info: This massive club stormer gets a long overdue repress!

                Various Artists

                Ninja Cuts - Flexistentialism

                Ye olde Ninja compilation from back in the day (the day - er, year - being 1996). As well as all those quirky dubbydownbeatleftfieldhiphopbreaksandjazzbeats from your Ninja faves (DJ Food, London Funk Allstars, Funki Porcini, DJ Vadim, 9 Lazy 9 etc), there's a whole load of non-Ninja types (Ashley Beedle, Uschi Classen, Luke Vibert, Kruder & Dorfmeister etc).

                Duke Spirit

                Cuts Across The Land

                Originally released in October 04, the title track from their second album now get's a re-release with new extra tracks.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                CDS Info: CD1 includes "So Good To Hear".

                Twelve slices of cool, sassy garage rock'n'roll veering between throbbing slo-mo tracks like the opener "Cuts Across The Land" and "You Were Born Inside My Heart" to spikier more uptempo tracks: "Fades The Sun" and the excellent "Lion Rip". All topped off with Liela Moss' great vocals at times reminiscent of PJ Harvey's best bluesy croon, at others more abrasive and occasionally, sweet and soulful.

                Modern day psychedelia — coming right at you with lightning speed. The Cuts' self-titled LP is finally available on everyone's favorite digital format! The Cuts stand apart from any contemporary garage rock purveyors. Tough as nails, neurotic, simplistic, big, deep, catchy and devastating all at the same time. This album is a reissue of the band's debut record with original lineup, never before available on CD.

                The Short-Cuts

                Tie Their Own Shoelaces

                Thirteen tracks recorded between 1998 and 2003 from Manchester based The Short-Cuts. Influenced by the Descendents and other SST bands this quartet know how to rock in that power-pop-punk stylee as well as tie their own shoelaces. Local boys done good!

                The Cuts

                2 Over Ten

                The Cuts are four 20-somethings from Oakland, California, who make some of the best garage pop that you'll hear today. Their wild sonic tantrums and lust scorched anthems are so soaked in Nuggets history it's hard to believe they aren't from the same time period. This is their second full length (their first for Birdman). 11 tracks of sharp garage pop with a tip of the hat to the Real Kids, Television, and the first Nuggets boxset!

                Various Artists

                Clicks & Cuts 3

                Mille Plateaux round up some of their favourite laptop glitchtronica, lo-fi hi-fi grooves and minimal electro-deep house for your listening pleasure! Includes tracks by SND, Andreas Tilliander, MRI, Alva Noto, Swayzak, Tim Hecker etc.

                Various Artists


                A selection of reggae tracks with electronic flavours and electronica tracks with dub influences. Includes Rhythm & Sound singer Tikiman, Jah Meek & The Rootsman, Thomas Fehlmann, D Meteo & TTT etc.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                CD Info: 14 track CD.

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