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Nelson have been hailed as 'the best French band to join the music scene in over 10 years'. Their music can be described as a cross between Joy Division, The Rapture, and Animal Collective. They promise explosive performances where aggressive guitars compete with delicate electronic sounds.


Ltd 7" Info: Limited 7" includes "Dammerung" on the flipside.

Started in 2005 Brooklyn is and has become one of the major bands representing the rising Parisian rock scene. They provide unbeatable pop melodies crossed with an intense and raw energy, Somewhere between Beatles beautiful pop songs and the energy of raw indie rock. There is noise truculence to Brooklyn that constantly tempers Big Star power pop elements, and singer/songwriter Ben Ellis is the only rock star although he couldn't make his music without Jane Lane on Bass, Db guitar/Backing vocals and Leo Colson, Keith Moon's favourite child on drums.

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