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404 is a young collective based in Paris of 4 very different guys making music together. Last year they released a debut mini LP on Dusseldorf label Candomble and started performing live at Concrete and other prominent venues. This is their second release ever. Dark, improvised, smokey, claustrophobic techno of the highest psychedelic grade, bringing together elements of the « slow techno » sound, industrial textures and dub.

Jimi Bazzouka

Volume 5

    Jimi Bazzouka AKA Joakim Bouaziz is back, packing nothing but heat on this weapons-grade platter. The savior of the international dancefloor community, Jimi laughs in the face of North Korean nuclear tests, shrugs at ferocious weather patterns and briskly unfollows even the most vicious internet troll. Volume 5 of his inimitable edit series sees the big man barrel through the soundtrack section, to serve up the sweetest synthwave hits, mechanical movers and future primitive freakouts. "Poursuite" starts the party with snapping synth drums, whooshing filter sweeps and a roving keyboard riff, eventually building into a little new-wave/jazz-funk glitz. Next up, "Brainwashing" bleeps and bangs its way through slow-and-low "I Can't Believe It's Not Detlef" territories, locking us into the Fairlights and mallets of an Asian-industrial winner. Flip it for "Countryman Pt.1" a tapey, mechanical funk cut which sounds a bit like a YMO B-side played backwards from the spirit world and "Countryman Pt.2" a percussive powerhouse tailor made for midnight in the mangroves. If you dug on Ruffy's "Midnight Sativa Dance", this one will be right up your strasse. Bag it!


    Patrick says: Joakim launches another dancefloor missile here, raiding the soundtrack section to blur the lines between synth-pop, industrial, new wave and proto-house. #moonlightmusic

    Evans Pyramid

    Never Gonna Leave You - Joakim & Max Pask Remixes

    Joakim: "About a year ago, I had dinner with a special group of friends obsessed with food like me, we call it the Yum Yum Club. Max Pask is a member and while we were preparing a decadent meal, he played me that Evans Pyramid song « Never Gonna Leave You » that I didn't know of. It blew me away and I immediately tried to integrate it in my DJ mixes. But that proved to be a challenge as the beautiful song is very lo-fi in its production with very quiet beats. OK for a very end of a night, but I wanted to play it more than that, so we decided to make an edit with Max that quickly turned into something closer to a remix. Here it is now. There's a house mix for the pumping hours and a disco mix that is closer to the original. Very glad to introduce you to the amazing music of Evans Pyramid (if you never heard of him), a forgotten genius from Boston, the missing link between Shuggie Otis and Prince."


    Patrick says: The absolutely amazing soul / funk / disco unclassic, Evans Pyramid's "Never Gonna Leave You" gets a resolution tweaking rework from Joakim and Max Pask, in two different variations. Finally the DJ has a definitive, high def version of this bomb to flip in the mix.


    Bubbles / Die Siesta

    Two years after coming together as Jhack, the Brooklyn duo of Bryce Hackford and Joakim are back in collaborative mode, this time as Joyce. A very strong contender for my 12" of the week, this power platter is very much a game of two halves, offering two distinct moods and flavours without any compromise on quality. Bounding out the A-side with maximum club pulse is "Bubbles", a fully psychedelic fusion of the naive technicolour of the shamanic house set and the irresistible depth and groove of a Prescription classic. The kick thwacks, the sequence warbles and detunes (remember the golden age of Jaokim remixes) and the bassline rolls on and on. Gradually the NY duo hit us with a mystical lead line and expansive vamps, setting the whole club on the way to true dance floor transcendence. Sounds good right? Thing is, that's only the entree, the main meal comes via a brilliantly beefy B-side - "Die Siesta". Now, while this may be billed as a tribal ode to the Balearic art of napping, it's far from horizontal. Jumping down the BPM to a chugging 100, the track explodes with improvised live percussion, tumbling congas and conversational drums. Thick and throbbing production help to lock your limbs into a frantic dance while the ominous rumble of a one note bass pulse rattles speakers and chest cavities alike. Where lesser producers might have rested on their laurels, polishing their chufty badge at a successful tribal drum tool, these guys give us flanged piano chords and floating melodies lifting the room to new heights. 

    \A two track 12” featuring a thumping and heady psychedelic deep house groove, in a classic Prescription zone, on the A-side (“Bubbles”). On the B-side, “Die Siesta” is a tribal ode to the Balearic art of napping, a moody live percussion improvisation jumping down the bpm and floating on filtered piano chords.


    Patrick says: Joakim and Bryce Hackford bring it on their second collaboration - hooking up a majestic and melodic deep/dub houser on the A-side, and a percussion heavy Balearic floor filler on the flip. You NEED!

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