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The trusty Luv*Jam returns with another ex-terrestrial Crow Castle Cuts installment as UFO4 beams in from the cosmos. Spaced out biz from prime time nippers RVDS, Tape Hiss & No Moon. Last of the UFO series on CCC with only 222 units in circulation worldwide, no RP!

As usual a spiritual cleansing ascention guaranteed throughout with dreamy soft textures, wide-screen atmospheres and super crisp beats, all encapsulated amongst 5-dimensional pads and heavenly sonic structures. Personal favourite for me has to Tape HIss' "Fade" who ensures anthemic status via Detroitian synth shards and early bleep-era mechanics; traversing across the galaxy with its neon set to dazzle.

Lush earthy grey vinyl with unique 40mm mustard microdot labels.

Complete with compelling art insert. 

Crow Castle Cuts returns from the dead (or should that be from the cosmos) with a special one-off, super limited edition EP relating to close encounters of an extraterrestrial kind! Leipzig's Lootbeg providing six tracks of Martain and Jovion dance music with the typically dreamy and captivating production that characterized the first run of (now extremely collectable) Crow Castle Cuts records. With Luv*Jam on hand to provide their idiosyncratic and completely enveloping 're-nips', this is one addition to the catalogue you don't wanna miss! Six tracks that traverse our immediate solar system with all the grace and finesse of the Mars Curiosity Rover. Recommended.


Matt says: Luv*Jam's just dropped up a super secret stash of Dream House / Crow Castle cuts merch. LAST CHANCE SALOON on this cuts guys as the label closes the book on the past and looks to the next chapter. Do not miss this iconic UK dance music relics!

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