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Beneath the still waters of Lonely Sound there lays the ruins of Howland Abbey, its 3000lb bell still hanging in the belfry, only swayed by the currents of the regular tides across the estuary, over 100 years since it was rang by the order of Carthusian monks who lived in the nearby priory. At the turn of the last century during a heavy storm the Abbey was plundered by an unknown gang of marauders, as they left on horseback carrying with them all the gold from the Abbey the sea defences around Lonely Sound were breached, flooding the Abbey, Priory and the surrounding land, the Monks ran for dry land as they watched their beloved bell tower disappear beneath the rising waters, unable to chase the thieves, cut off as the water rose around them. Some locals say these ransackers were in league with the elements, some say they had just intentionally damaged the sea defences before making their raid. Local folk-law claims that the morning bells of the Abbey can be heard ring out from beneath the murky waters of the Sound every year on the anniversary of the great storm, ringing the peel that was never rung. A. N.O.I.A. Rubicon Rude 66 'Morning Bells' B. N.O.I.A. Rubicon Rude 66 'Morning Bells' (Timothy J. Fairplay Version)

Scott Fraser / Timothy J. Fairplay

Mount Analogue / Crimes Of The Future 7"

Exclusive 7" single in conjunction with Mount Alalog Los Angeles presenting Crimes Of The Future label bosses Scott Fraser and Timothy J. Fairplay with 2 exclusive cuts of leftfield house and electro psychedelia... very limited copies!

Betonkust has been spotted lurking in the realm of seedy late night body music alongside artists such as Palmbomen II, landing his noirish wares on 1080p, Pinkman and most notably Dekmantel. Now he makes the logical leap to Crimes of The Future alongside equally accomplished Belgian producer Innershades, previously spotted on Wicked Bass, Creme Organization, Hot Haus and many more besides. The sound on" Forever In Boccaccio" is totally fitting for Crimes of The Future, all muscular drum machines beats and analogue synth lines angled to send a shiver down your spine. Watch out for the unexpected rave hit of "Jambers At Carat Afterclub" which comes on strong with some fist-shaking peak time Euro techno motifs. Jah bitte!

Crimes Of The Future head to the other side of the world for their first release from Australia. Paradise Box is responsible for the killer "Reel Nitty Gritty" on Greece's highly respected Echovolt Records back in 2014, and in 2017 he joins the Crimes Of The Future family with this "Hookup EP". Two original cuts of fine and uplifting music open up the record. "Hookup" glows with radiance, like bioluminescent lifeforms set deep within the rainforest, a pulsating glow emanating from a flora of squelchy, fizzy, pitched down drums. "Running Up That Hill" seems to progress further toward some magical climax, mystic leads and powerful EBM drums propelling us ever-further into the exotic wilderness. Side B continues with the EBM flavourings as "Ya Mo Be There" pairs gated drums to galloping arps and darting leads. Finally, "Sunrise Energy" sees the classic 'Think' break restrained somewhat, peppered with Lune bird calls and drizzled in a luminous synthline for a dreamy and tropical breakbeat number. Mega stuff.

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