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Originally released in January 1980, the second album from (Crammed founder) Marc Hollander’s band was the first record bearing the Crammed logo (although the label only really started to exist at the end of that year). More intense and experimental than the first Aksak Maboul album (yet often as playful), “Un peu...” was recorded with a band comprising revered UK musicians Fred Frith & Chris Cutler and contains complex written section, free improv, and a wild variety of elements. If you're looking for a post-punk experience as abstract as it is angular, then you're in luck. Boasting free-jazz horns, stuttering rhythms, abrasive guitar and the occasional thrash moment, "Un Peu" is far from an easy listen, and that's a very good thing. The first reissue on vinyl of Aksak Maboul’s classic 1980 LP. It includes a booklet with various documents, as well as previously-unreleased recordings (available via a digital download code). 

At last, Crammed Discs reissue their holiest grail and the best Afro-cosmic LP ever made. This record is constantly being (re)discovered by generations of fans, musicians and DJs, who hail it as an unsurpassed Afro/electronic milestone. The album was recorded in 1983 and results from a studio encounter between experimental electronic music composers CY1, Congolese musician/vocalist Bony Bikaye, and French composer Hector Zazou, with involvement by sound engineer Gilles Martin, Marc Hollander (Aksak Maboul) and Vincent Kenis (the future creator/producer of the Congotronics series).
This reissue was remastered from original analogue tapes. It includes a booklet with new notes by the participants, as well as 5 of the recently-unearthed original demos, which have never been released previously, and 3 original remixes from 1984 which will all be available via a digital download code. 


Patrick says: Boasting the oft-bootlegged, but always exceptional ‘Lamuka’ alongside eight more mind-bending body-movers, ‘Noir Et Blanc’ pits Bony Biyake’s traditional Congolese vocals against Hector Zazou’s avant-jazz arrangements and CY 1’s deranged synth grooves. The result is nothing short of breath taking and still stands up as the finest Afro-cosmic record ever released.

Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas


Renowned electronic music producer & DJ Matias Aguayo presents his new project, which will unfold on several levels. The Desdemonas are a 4-piece rock band, fronted by Aguayo (who sings and plays a variety of instruments). It’s also a fictional story about a group of teenagers in a dystopian world (the story will be told in the lyrics, and in cartoons and videos based on Aguayo’s drawings). And it’s of course an album, in which Matias digs deep into some dark forms of rock music which inspired him as a teenager, and brilliantly revisits them in a moody, compelling, post-electronic 2017 style. Based in Berlin, the band will be touring around Europe and beyond, starting before the album’s release and continuing through 2018. Their line-up consists of drummer Matteo Scrimali from Italy, keyboard player Henning Specht from Germany, guitarist/bass player Gregorio Gomez from Colombia, and Matias Aguayo on vocals, keys etc. Matias Aguayo in a nutshell: born in Chile and raised in Germany, he’s created a varied body of genre-defying work since the early 00s, including several albums with legendary Cologne-based electronic music label Kompakt. A much in-demand DJ, he’s constantly been performing all around the world, appearing in the most prestigious festivals. Matias Aguayo has always been an original, iconoclastic artist: starting out “the man who helped popularize and expand minimal [techno]” (Pitchfork).


2xLtd LP includes MP3 Download Code.

Kasai Allstars & Orchestre Symphonique Kimbanguiste

Around Felicite

Crammed Discs presents the soundtrack album of Alain Gomis’ film Félicité (Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize at the 2017 Berlin Film Festival), performed by the inspiration of the movie, the Congolese collective the Kasai Allstars. Includes bonus remixes from the likes of Clap! Clap!, Daedelus and Africaine 808.

Deeply impressed by the music of Kasai Allstars, French-Senegalese director Alain Gomis drew inspiration from their music, and from the voice and character of their singer Muambuyi to write and direct his new fiction movie, entitled 'Félicité'. The film's eponymous protagonist is a proud, free-willed woman who sets out on a breakneck race through the streets of electric Kinshasa to save her son. Her profession: singer with the Kasai Allstars!

The band wrote and performed most of the soundtrack, and appears onscreen playing their own part. Muambuyi's voice is omnipresent, and is being heard every time Félicité (played by Congolese actress Vero Tshanda) sings in the bars of Kinshasa, backed by Kasai Allstars.

The 'Around Félicité' album includes the film's main pieces, performed by Kasai Allstars and by the Kinshasa Symphonic Orchestra (who specially arranged three works by Estonian composer Arvo Pärt), alongside new tracks by Kasai Allstars, as well as interludes consisting of fragments of dialogues and sound bites taken from the soundtrack.

'Around Félicité' comes with a companion piece: 'Félicité Remixes', a collection of ten remixes of Kasai Allstars tracks by electronic music producers from Europe, North America and Africa, including reworks by Clap! Clap!, Daedelus and Africaine 808. 'Félicité Remixes' is available as a bonus disc included in the CD version of the album, as well as a separate digital album available on all streaming and download platforms.

'Around Félicité' also comes out as a vinyl double-LP including the album plus five of the remixes.


2xLP includes MP3 Download Code.

‘Wed 21’ by the bewitching Juana Molina, sees all the various threads she’s previously explored masterfully woven together with new elements. She creates a mischievous, playful, joyous series of songs, brimming with surprises.

Juana Molina has been acclaimed as a deeply original and visionary artist who, “like Brian Wilson or Kevin Shields, pulls off the most out-there material with melodies nearly as accessible as conventional pop” (Rolling Stone). She has variously been described as “pure genius” (Les Inrockuptibles, France), “beguiling” (Pitchfork), and is said to be “one of the most extraordinary singers around” (Sunday Times), who is “creating a slippery soundtrack for the subconscious” (Spin, US) and “subtle, unclassifiable sonic magic” (Uncut). On her previous albums, Juana Molina deliberately used a defined, minimal array of elements (mostly guitar and layers of vocals, with some synth and percussion) to compose pieces which have gradually moved from folky acoustic songs to mesmerizing, “gorgeous reveries... [and] radiant clouds of sound” (the NY Times, about her previous album ‘UnDia’).

This time, she’s remarkably expanded her palette of instruments, incorporating electric guitars, bass, drums and inventive electronics, thus giving ‘Wed 21’ a richer, broader sonic spectrum. In some of the tracks, Juana comes as close to a pop song format and to a full band sound as she ever did...while some other pieces are sinuous excursions through gamuts of feelings and textures. As the album unfolds, each of the eleven songs reveals new, delightful ideas, unexpected turns and inspired atmospheres.

Jagwa Music

Bongo Hotheads

Direct from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania comes Jagwa Music, a crew of eight youngsters playing intricate grooves at breakneck speed on traditional and makeshift percussion, a keyboard player going wild on a battered vintage Casio. Added to this are three relentless front persons - two breathtaking, spectacular dancers and a charismatic lead vocalist / MC, belting out songs about survival in the urban maze, unfaithful lovers and voodoo.

Known as Mchiriku, their music derives from popular dance styles, which underwent a transformation when the band adopted low-cost electronic keyboards and their gritty, distortion-laden sound. Jagwa Music and their peers were attracted by the Casio keyboard's lo-fi sound, hooking it up to vintage amps and megaphones. "Bongo Hotheads" was recorded live in front of a crowd of family, kids and curious neighbours at what has come to be called the Kuti Kavu Studio (but most still know it as Jolijo's backyard).

Jagwa Music are not only immensely popular in the poor suburbs of their hometown but their electrifying appearances at European festivals such as Roskilde have created a sensation. With their DIY attitude and creative use of noise they’ve been acclaimed as one of the most exciting bands around. ‘Bongo Hotheads’ includes two six minute bonus videos - ‘Live in the Streets of Dar’ and ‘Live at Roskilde Festival.’

Collectors vinyl boxset from Crammed Discs, the Brussels label that has been releasing the internationally celebrated Congotronics series of albums documenting the incredible electrified traditional music of Congolese acts including Konono N°1, Staff Benda Bilili and Kasai Allstars.

The boxset contains all 5 Congotronics albums, an exclusive 7” featuring a collaboration between Kasai Allstars and US psych-rock-folk adventurers Akron/Family, a specially-designed book featuring photography from Kinshasa and a re-usable Congotronics USB pen drive with videos & mp3s.

• Konono No 1 LP "Congotronics".
• "Congotronics 2 - Buzz'n'Rumble From The Urb'n'Jungle" LP (feat. five different Kinshasa bands).
• Kasai Allstars Vinyl LP "In The 7th Moon, The Chief Turned Into A Swimming Fish And Ate The Head Of His Enemy By Magic".
• Staff Benda Bilili Vinyl LP "Très Très Fort".
• The brand-new Konono No 1 double vinyl LP "Assume Crash Position"
• A Congotronics book with exclusive photos from Kinshasa, Congo.
• A customized, re-usable 2Gb USB pen drive containing nine videos, and MP3s (in 320 kbps) of all five albums.
• 7" vinyl with two exclusive tracks by Kasai Allstars, one featuring a collaboration with Akron/Family.
• a numbered certificate of authenticity

Each vinyl (180 gr) comes in an original sleeve, and an inner sleeve of a different colour, reproducing the Congotronics fabric with a design resembling that of the fabrics used for dresses and robes in the Congo, based on the Congotronics logo.

This is a strictly limited pressing.


Box set Info: To have a look in box set, follow this link;

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