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Agar Agar

The Dog And The Future

    NME - #61 in albums of the year "The French duo's debut album is a surreal synth-pop voyage that'll give your head a little wobble in all the right ways. Check out 'Sorry About The Carpet' and you'll see what we're getting at".

    Debut album from French electronic duo Agar Agar. Following their first EP "Cardan" (with 20 000 000 streams), the 25 years old art student duo release their first LP "The Dog And The Future", a synthetic travel infused with 80s electro-sound, synth-wave touch and a bunch of talent. Reviews and features in Quietus, Mixmag, FACT, Dazed, The 405, The Skinny, Killing Moon, Gigsoup, Oui Love. 

    So, the latest in Menage A Trois' Australia (now) trilogy is predictably called 'Australia Part III'. We kick things off with a solemnly delivered guitar riff, full of surf-rock shimmer but gently stirred with a subtle string pad. This quickly fades away and filters into an effervescent synth-pop number, complete with sidechained chords and stomping percussion. 'Can't Fight The Sunlight' is a fitting opener, pulling together the dusky charms of swooning Balearic chillout with the neon pull of synthy 10PM dancefloor stormers. As we go into 'All Night Long', we hit the late evening of the very same day, trading the bright optimism and in-your-face brashness for a much more pensive affair, with swooning guitars and luxy keys, shimmering with reverb and soaked with sleepy tingles. The vocals do little to derail this, with the silky softly spoken words perfectly accentuating the flood of vibes. 

    Move a little further and we get the grooving lo-NRG funk of 'South Seas' bringing the yacht to the pier and setting off with a massive case of Cristal in tow. It's a continuation of the theme, but also an expansion of the globe-trotting chillout vibes established on the previous numbers. 'Water Baby' is perhaps the most seductive piece throughout, brimming with glowing keys, beautifully accented instrumentation and warming nostalgia. 

    Menage A Trois have crafted and impeccably conceived and unbelievably well constructed opus of hazy Balearicism, warming synths and swooning nostalgia plus, that guitar sound almost makes me cry. 


    Barry says: I can't imagine anything else on here I could possibly want ; brilliant hazy Balearic vibes, beautifully shining synths and softer than silk vocal melodies. It's a crepuscular trip through the Balearic Isles on a boat with all your mates. It may get a little out of hand at some point but it's fine, you can just have a nap in the hot summer air, wake up and sway into the night.

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