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Cosmic Rhythm herald the arrival of spring with a fresh and balmy production born during the Summer of 2018. As Ketama soaked up the tropical breeze on their hometown streets, munched a melanzane and downed a grappa, they took inspiration from the Mediterranean coast, the White Isle and the cosmic club and locked into the nearest studio. Opening cut "Voyage" throws out shapes and feelings from the off, immersing us in pillowy dream house pads, breathy scat vocals (a la Cosmic) and a Sueno Latino style sequence, all of which rides a languid bass groove and some subtle percussion. Next up "Dreamscape" sharpens into being from a loose ambient opening, finding form as a precise slice of Don Carlos informed Italian house - steady and euphoric like good quality ecstacy. The terrace tackle continues on the flip with "Agaua Para Ti", a wonderfully European take on those early 90s ballroom records that get everyone vogueing. Sampled vox, sustained strings, jazzy piano licks and extended breakdowns? Yes please. If you like your crust crispy, and the US influence made the B1 a little too deep pan, the B2 "Metamorphosis Mix" is on hand to straighten things out with another dose of Sueno Latino-style magic. 


Patrick says: New Cosmic Rhythm alert! This time it's Italian crew Ketama bringing us a dreamy dancefloor workout inspired by their native house music and the carefree attitude of Ibiza.

Italy's Cosmic Rhythm continues to be a crucial force for 2017 as Loss Of Gravity issue a killer statement of intent. Four tracks of unfathomably deep vibrations, loosely falling into house music's heady framework. Although heavily dreamy and completely unhurried, these tunes could well be worked into a dancefloor-centric collection; their forward-propelled nature and enveloping focus sure to wrap any dancer up in a cushion of post-coital, synthetic bliss. Expertly constructed and arranged they bring to mind a hazy and refracted tribute to Ron Trent's 'Electric Blue' series. Ace.

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