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First Utterance

    First Utterance is the debut album of the progressive folk band Comus. It was released in 1971, with the opening song “Diana” being released as a single.

    The album was notable for its unique blend of progressive rock, folk, psychedelia, and elements of paganism and the macabre. The overall thematic tone of the album is of vulnerable innocence facing abusive power, the songs dealing with violence (“Drip Drip”), rape (“Diana”, “Song to Comus”), and insulin shock therapy (“The Prisoner”). These themes contrast starkly with the acoustic sound of the record, featuring acoustic guitar, violin, flute, and lyrical, almost Arcadian, female harmonies.

    References to Comus by other bands and artists include Opeth, citing its lyrics in album and song titles and tattoos. Experimental outfit Current 93 also covered “Diana” as the opening song on their 1997 LP Horsey.

    The cover artwork was drawn in ball point pen by Roger Wootton, lead singer and songwriter of the band. The centrefold artwork was painted by guitarist Glenn Goring.

    Reviews were favourable, such as the NME praised the album’s “highly unusual but fascinating sound” and Time Out said “the overall effect is unique”.


    Coloured LP Info: UK silver coloured vinyl. Limited to only 150 copies.


    Song To Comus - The Complete Collection

    As it says on the box this a complete collection of the output of this legendary strange-folk-rock band, who were a major influence on the likes of Current 93 and many of the new folk generation. We kick off with seminal and utterly essential weird-folk classic album "First Utterance", extremely original and extremely dangerous this album represents the pinnacle of the brand of dark, occultist folk that Comus championed. Disturbing lyrical imagery is matched by the black intensity of the playing to create a sound that is Comus' own. Next up there's the three tracks from the EP "Dawn", and a previously unreleased track, "All The Colours Of Darkness". Over on the second disc, for the first time on CD, we have their second and ultimatly final album which was originally released on Virgin in 1974. A more commercial and progressive sound was showcased on "To Keep From Crying", but there are enough tracks here to keep anyone who was bewitched by their classic debut more than happy! And to finish off the collection we have the two tracks from the Roger Wootton solo single.

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