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Afro Rythms Vol 2: Singles & Remixes 2009-2017

Comet Records presents “Afro Rhythms Vol. 2”, the first repress of Comet’s singles and remixes from 2009 – 2017. It’s a stellar lineup kicking off with Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer’s remix of Tony Allen’s “African Man"; a seminal slice of modern afrobeat-meets-ethereal techno that’ll busy dancefloors and excite patrons across the globe. Allen returns with “Afrodiscobeat” later, remixed by Africaine 808 and containing twerking synth licks, frisky horn section and skippy, afro-centric groove.

Classic Afro blues vocals are paired against a elastic soundbed and riotous house drums on Jeff Sharel’s remix of “Cotton Field” – an unstoppably incendiary track that’ll ignite any party. Krazy Baldhead deploys some tastefully sub tones and swirling sirens to “Awakening”, a producer’s-own refix of the band Donso.

The record’s a proper tour de force of both musicianship in the songs’ original source material and electronic production prowess by the remixers involved, who elevate these timeless track into a world of nightclub excess. A truly great release. 


Matt says: I'm a dock-off Theo P fan but hilariously that was my LEAST favourite of the tracks here. Maybe it says summat about the quality of the others Idunno? But I implore you to find a better modern afrobeat jam than the Africaine 808 rework of Tony Allen, or the RV & ML remix of "African Man". Unmissable!


Tony Allen - African Man (Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer Remix)
Brighter Nights - Cotton’s Field (Jeff Sharel Minimal Edit)
Theo Parrish, Tony Allen & Eska - Day Like This (Molo Remix)
Donso - Awakening (Krazy Baldhead Remix)
Tony Allen - Afrodiscobeat (Africaine 808 Rework)

Tony Allen & The Afro Messengers

No Discrimination

Comet Records presents the Tony Allen & Afrika 70 reissue series with the classic late seventies first four solo albums of Tony Allen remastered and restored: Jealousy, Progress, No Accomodation for Lagos & No Discrimination, all coming in an heavy Deluxe Tip-On Jacket.
Tony's solo album, No Discrimination, marks an important turning point in Tony Allen's musical life. Tony had recently left Fela's band, which was clearly an emotional yet necessary change as Allen sings of love and brotherhood throughout his fourth solo album. No Discrimination, both in composition and sound, is a blueprint for the future of Afrobeat, decades ahead of its time. The songs are a mixture of old and new - fusing the classic Afrobeat compositional style with modern production and ideas. Classic tunes like "No Discrimination" and "Ariya" pushed boundaries for what Afrobeat could be, which a wave of Afrobeat bands would pick up on decades later.
With No Discrimination, Tony begins to move Afrobeat into the future, which he would continue doing for the rest of his career.
Tony Allen was a musical and compositional visionary, and this album finds him beginning to explore that vision outside of Fela's immense gravitational pull. They are the start of a new era in Tony's fruitful career as a solo artist, opening the floodgates for his distinctive Afro-Funk sound and laying the foundation for the next generation of Afrobeat musicians to come.


A1. No Discrimination
A2. Road Safety
B1. Ariya
B2. Love Is A Natural Thing

Tony Allen

N.E.P.A. (Never Expect Power Always)

    Comet Records presents from Afrobeat pioneer Tony Allen, N.E.P.A Reissue LP Vinyl remastered and coming in an heavy Deluxe Tip-On Jacket.

    In 1979, Tony Allen decided to leave Fela Kuti & Africa 70 and moved to London in 1982. Originally Released in 1984 on Earthworks Records, this reissue holds an extra track previously unreleased on vinyl called “Olokun”. N.E.P.A (Never Expect Power Always) is a searing critique of the Nigerian Electric Power Authority, an organisation that governed the use of electricity in Nigeria.

    It starts out with the title track, with a definite Afro-beat punch. Electro-claps stand as part of the percussion line, adding to a more modern look at what Afro-beat was becoming. This is followed by an even further modernized piece of Afro-beat, as the title track is given a dub mix. “When One Road Close” has a similar pace, and is similarly followed by a dub remix, complete with the necessary space-effects reverb. And to make this reissue extra special the track “Olokun” was never released on vinyl before.

    Blending the nascent rise of electronica into Afrobeat production, it’s tighter than any Fela album and became a definitive project in shaping Allen’s future sound. Whether it’s the electro beats or the punchier, multilayered arrangement, it instantly stands out in Allen’s vast and expansive discography.


    A1. N.E.P.A. (Never Expect Power Always)
    A2. N.E.P.A. Dance Dub
    B1. When One Road Close (Another One Go Open)
    B2. Road Close Dance Dub
    B3. Olokun

    Tony Allen Plays With Afrika 70

    No Accommodation For Lagos

    1978 was without a doubt one of the most disturbing years in the history of Fela and the Afrika 70. Just a year before the army had raided Fela's compound destroying his house, his club, his brother's free medical clinic and fatally injuring his mother. With their houses destroyed the band had to squat the former Decca offices. Somewhere in between the madness they managed to record Fela's "Suffering And Schmiling" album and Tony Allen's third solo-project: "No Accomodation For Lagos". Without a doubt his most political orientated record of all. After the record came out Tony Allen dropped from the Afrika 70 band as he felt that too many people were sapping Fela of his creative energies.


    A1. No Accomodation
    B1. African Message

    Nu Guinea

    The Tony Allen Experiments

    Nu Genea née Nu Guinea joined the ranks of Comet's Afrobeat Makers series back in 2016 following a pair of top 12"s on Early Sounds and Tartelet. Now this was a couple of years before the Neapolitans became underground megastars with their "Nuova Napoli" LP, so got sadly slept on by some. Luckily, there's now a second bite at the cherry, so don't laze away this time. By re-working the original drum patterns from Afrobeat master Tony Allen, the duo created a compilation of super groovy tracks in their typically voluminous
    electronic jazz-funk style. Hints of Mediterranean house meet spacey gurgles, soaring synth lines top shuffling rhythms and the whole thing is cool as fuck. Essential tackle for fans of either Afrobeat or that Naples sound.


    A1. Prelude
    A2. Howls
    A3. Open Paths
    A4. NG Theme
    A5. Stasis (Calm Before The Storm)
    B1. TA-Storm
    B2. The Birds Rejoice
    B3. Phunkhysteria
    B4. The Sun Returns

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