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Yuri Shulgin is a multi-instrumentalist music producer from Tajikistan. His discography includes a small number of releases from the Greek label Modernista and the French Escapade Recordings. Animal Planet is his contribution on Cocktail d'Amore Music.

This EP is a live-recorded masterpiece that will lift dance floors into heavenly heights. A1 takes the record title. It's an acid based, genre-blurring piece of music, enveloping and disorienting at the same time. Infinite strings melt together to a constant build up, reminiscent of Steve Reich - Double Sextet/2x5.

Boogie Space feels like the continuation of the previous track, evoking a cloud of glitter in absence of gravity.

Walking starts off the B side. Its funk future jazz-influenced groove is supported by an organic, as bouncy as timeless bassline.

While the stripped down Dubby Body goes to deep realms, the outro Recordtake closes this surreal EP.

Other relea

Iury Lech

Musica Para El Fin De Los Cantos: Reinterpretaciones (Powder, Suzanne Kraft, Hatchback & Zavoloka Mixes)

After the reissue of Iury Lech - Musica Para El Fin De Los Cantos, Berlin
based Cocktail d'Amore Music is proud to present a collection of remixes and
reinterpretations of the mighty album.
Japanese rising star Powder is first up to deliver her take on Barreras. The
minimalist dreamscape catches its rhythmic reshape, becoming an
underwater deep-house/deep- techno dance floor experience. On the same
side Suzanne Kraft contributes with a rather cinematic vision on Cuando
Rocio Dispara Sus Flechas.
Hatchback opens up the B-side with an evocative version of Posmeridiano.
The Californian producer gives a touch of sunshine and open air to the
landscape of the original song. Closing the EP Ukrainian producer Zavoloka
reinterprets Ukraina with a vortex of three-dimensional sonic layering.

Juan Ramos / Trent Present Greenvision

Pene D'amore Part 1

Cocktail d'Amore Music and Ene Tokyo join forces for Greenvision's debut - The Italo-American duo formed by Trent and Juan Ramos. "Pene d'Amore Pt.1" is a double header of unfathomable technoid brilliance. "Surdinia" sees a collection of various rhythms melt into the buzzing synth section, a concoction of sonic voodoo and esoteric fx littering every last recess of the mix. "Meccanica" combines elements of industrial and rave music with a touch of submarine-like atmospheres. The result is a bewildering, laser-guided beast that'll set most dancefloors alight through its Detroitian leads and psychedelic effects sweeps. All encompassing, powerful stuff here from Juan Ramos and Trent, highly recommended. 

Iury Lech is a transdisciplinary artist of Ukrainian origin part of the few pioneers in the Spanish electronic and digital audio-visual scene that began to develop during the 80's.

His open and unclassifiable style made of eerie sonic atmospheres, arrhythmic structures and dense textures create hypnotic ambiance and a new way to conceive experimentalism.

Wrongly described as New Age music at that time, "Musica para el fin de los cantos" is a stunning and deeply emotive ambient work, that stares down at the eternal enigma, giving a glimpse of Iury Lech's classical music of the future.
Iury recorded this blissful masterpiece in his Barcelona's studio in 1989. It was then published in 1990 by the unique Spanish label Hyades Arts.

It's 2017 and it's time to unearth this magical piece of vibrating chords to please your sensitive yet hungry ears. Sit back and enjoy the meditative state.

Wowing the Piccadilly massive with a trio of far out releases on Born Free and ESP Institute, Japan's Moko Shibata chucks her cosmic gear list in the shaker and serves up a double strength spectacular on Cocktail D'Amore. Previous Powder output has seen the producer pushing boundaries like a Russian despot, experimenting with unspooling clock mechanisms, zero gravity synth gurgle and odd polyrhythms. A bit cosmic, a smidge future primitive and more than a little tribal techno, Powder's releases have the kind of cross the board appeal you tend to find when someone exits stage left and opens up a sonic dimension of their very own. The serious, sirius space party starts in fine fashion with "Hip", a complex amalgam of Fulton-eqsue sci-fi jack, gravitational bass weight and nebulous synthwork which flirts with minimal techno motifs before beaming down to the surface of a sultry jungle planet somewhere in the Balearic nebula. Pattering bongos, new age keys and loon birds echo through the canopy and undergrowth, making us feel right at home as the track rolls on to a blissful conclusion. It's here we go disco on A2 offering "Heart", a madcapped hybrid of skewed vocal samples, train fx, and wriggling 303 bass complete with plenty of the ol' cowbell. Moko marries this infectious, interplanetary groove with West End synth-licks, organic percussion and some Miami Vice moments to deliver the mutant disco record of the century. If that proved a little light and frothy for the po'-faced techno fans out there, the grubby, dubby, subby and clubby "Hole" should smooth away their frown (remember, no smiling in Berghain). Offbeat synth vamps and echoing industrial idents add an immersive dub techno feel to proceedings, while the scuffed snare and menacing bassline sound like a particularly moody Marcellus Pittman cut. Maintaining her reputation for full on weirdshit, Powder chucks in deranged sequences, clattering percussion and ghostly vocal fx, sending any weak-minded soul on the dancefloor all the way west. The tough and rough stance continues with EP closer "Hair", a frequency tweaking slice of dancefloor psychedelia which sounds like a steroid infused filter disco cut experienced in the later stages of paranoid psychosis.


Patrick says: Powder's hot streak continues with another must have batch of batshit, boundary pushing dancefloor biznizz!

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A definite hit here @PiccadillyRecs Gonna be on the shop player for some time to come I think.....
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