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CPI / Juan Ramos / Kris Baha / Bezier

Nothing Matters When We Are Dancing Vol 10: Cosmic Hole

Now rightly regarded as Berlin's best party, CockTail d'Amore celebrate their tenth birthday with a triple vinyl compilation of fresh cuts from regular guests and global allies chosen by residents Discodromo. The first vinyl features the sound of the Cosmic Hole, a room dedicated to downtempo psychedelia. CPI, the name behind Marc PiNol and Hugo Capablanca's collaborative project, launches this record with a hypnotic acid ballad named "Mount Anal", a scuzzed up chugger for late night slow dances. Synth-noir melodies are brought by two label aficionados, Juan Ramos and Kris Baha, who capture the itchy intensity of Mcat and thrusting ego death of DMT respectively. Finally Honeysoundsystem's Bezier journeys to a "One Thousand and One Nights" soundscape with his Starpoint, a sublime cosmic drifter which might be the pick of a very good bunch.


says: CDA's 10 year celebrations get under way with a quartet of cosmic wobblers and psychedelic chuggers from CPI, Juan Ramos, Kris Baha and Bezier, all of whom bring the twisted and frisky energy to their lobe-blowing back room cuts.

Jonathan Kusuma / Sleep D / Samo DJ / Mascaras X Powder / DJ City

Nothing Matters When We Are Dancing Vol 10: Main Room

Now rightly regarded as Berlin's best party, CockTail d'Amore celebrate their tenth birthday with a triple vinyl compilation of fresh cuts from regular guests and global allies chosen by residents Discodromo.  Jonathan Kusuma's "Energi Hall" expresses the Main Room sound in his own future-tribal terms as does DJ City with his bleep house-inspired "Torreyson Drive". This vinyl features two highly desired collaborations: Mascaras x Powder on one side and Samo DJ and Sleep D on the other. If the former explore polyrhythmic grooves and unexpected sonic layering, the latter drift into arpeggiated iterations of modern Trance.


says: And now for the main room, where Discodromo call on Jonathan Kusuma, Sleep D & Samo, Mascaras & Powder and DJ City to capture the techno / tribal / trance tonk of Berlin's best party!

Yuri Shulgin

Animal Planet

    Yuri Shulgin is a multi-instrumentalist music producer from Tajikistan. His discography includes a small number of releases from the Greek label Modernista and the French Escapade Recordings. "Animal Planet" is his contribution on Cocktail d'Amore Music.

    Pretty much cementing our self coined 'shamanic house' section into history - it doesn't get more entheogenic than this folks! Proper ritualistic, spellbinding tackle that flirts with house music's framework but exists as a totally unique, breaththrough experience. 


    says: It's apt that Yuri shares his surname with the inventor of many a psychotropic substance; as this is some of the most psychoactive musica to reach the shop this week.... trRrRipy sHiT from start to finish! Yes!


    12" Info: One copy in stock

    Iury Lech is a transdisciplinary artist of Ukrainian origin part of the few pioneers in the Spanish electronic and digital audio-visual scene that began to develop during the 80's.

    His open and unclassifiable style made of eerie sonic atmospheres, arrhythmic structures and dense textures create hypnotic ambiance and a new way to conceive experimentalism.

    Wrongly described as New Age music at that time, "Musica para el fin de los cantos" is a stunning and deeply emotive ambient work, that stares down at the eternal enigma, giving a glimpse of Iury Lech's classical music of the future.
    Iury recorded this blissful masterpiece in his Barcelona's studio in 1989. It was then published in 1990 by the unique Spanish label Hyades Arts.

    It's 2017 and it's time to unearth this magical piece of vibrating chords to please your sensitive yet hungry ears. Sit back and enjoy the meditative state.

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