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Cocktail d’Amore Music presents the first EP of edits taken from the experimental theatre pioneer Manos Tsangaris' original 'Elephant's Easy Moonwalk Through The Night’ music originally released in 1990. These two edit by Marseillais artist Lion’s Drums demonstrates his felt desire to explore wider musical territories, which he's developed in parallel with his Abstraxion project. Lion's Drums music is inspired from and pays tribute to the character of his city Marseille: a bit rough though luminous, and influenced by elements of the Mediterranean and Northern European cultures while paying homage to the African cultures which permeates so much of the Mediterranean soundscape. This translates into heavily percussive sounds, in which tribal disco grooves invoke the spirits of voodoo-techno.


A1. Manos Tsangaris - Drum 1 (Lion's Drums Edit)
B1. Manos Tsangaris - Drum 2 (Lion's Drums Edit)

Juan Ramos and Trent AKA Greenvision are back for "pENE d'Amore part 2", a collaborative release between Berlin's Cocktail d'Amore Music and Ene Tokyo. This precious 12" follows Rambutan, the duo's offering to Los Angeles' ESP Institute. The cover is made by visual artist Giulia Munari and reminds of the melting pattern of a Murano glass, referencing indeed the abundance the listener is soon to discover putting the needle on this record. A multitude of acid lines tinged with a touch of trance and a carefree melody roll over an almost off-beat groove in "Mountain of Madness", taking over A side. On the flip, the didgeridoo-based "Rolling 2 Joints" takes the listener exploring a mystical forest on a distant planet. Again disorienting, psychedelic and explosive, Greenvsion's productions sound like riddles to be solved, puzzles to be composed. Their unique sonic layering philosophy results in an almost unclassifiable music genre ready to please the thirstier dance-floors.


says: Proggy, mid 90s acid sounds seem all the rage at the moment as maybe the over commercialized dance music™ world tries to re-connect with its spiritual side (ie. Goa). I'm not sure how I feel about it per se, but when it turns up such inspired genius as this, I guess I gotta get on board! Pass me the patchouli oil!


A1. Mountain Of Madness
B1. Rolling 2 Joints (Sativa Mix)


Stratofortress - Inc. Samo DJ / Rrose / Gonno Remixes

    After his appearance on Born Free Records, Rollerboys Recordings, and Rett I Fletta, Johannes Wilkstrom aka Yourhighness contributes to the lavish Cocktail d'Amore with "Stratofortress". The Berlin based imprint gathers techno guru Rrose, Born Free Records owner Samo DJ and international Jap-wave rep Gonno in on remix duties, for four very different interpretations on one theme. Yourhighness' original mix is an acid based, jugular hitting technoid romp. It's dark sinister quirkiness reminiscent of tops off moments at all the best sweat boxes from Bugged Out to Subclub. On the same side Samo DJ transforms the techno blaster into a slower, new beat flavoured chugger; strung out AF and riding a slack breakbeat groove. Rrose's remix on side B is a different kettle of fish. "Stratofortress" suddenly turns into a dubby, everlasting build up, that eventually implodes into the depth of a black hole. Dramatic techno for encapsulated audiences. Closing the EP Gonno offers a slow-mo rework. Deep and very cinematic, this remix will please every wormhole navigator. Really strong stuff as ever from Samo DJ's team. Highly recommended.


    says: Totally wigged-out; everyone involved here contributing something unique and arresting. Rrose and Samo DJ's take do it for me, but there's two more just as biting cuts for freaks of an alternative disposition.

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