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Pushing Movies is the collaborative project of Jeffrey Sfire and Dimitri SoEmotional. Half of Studio Luce, Dimitri gave light to "Defender X" along with Franz Scala from Slow Motion. You might remember of Jeffrey Sfire, the man behind the homonymous legendary hit from the end of 2013 which now goes for big bucks....

"Thinking About You" is a powerful if nostalgic piece of Italo-inspired dance music. Somehow currently in-vogue yet redundant of trend, it sees a sparkling and technicoloured palette invoking the spirit of '89 through big slab bass and bright-eyed, coastal melodies.

Lauer and Fort Romeau are on remix duty for the B-side. Lauer keeps the big, bolshy, gated drums but adds a staccato acid bass and some wobbly, mid-range boogie licks. Fort Romeau heads down a heady euro-disco route, with camp, end-of-night chord changes encouraging the fist pumps and thrust right till the very last beat. Excellente! 

Currently starting basement fires in his new home of Berlin, Melbourne's master of all things Industrial/EBM, Kris Baha, takes a break from his Power Station/Power Cuts duties to drop a snorter for his now local Cocktail D'Amour. Intensely disturbed, sleazy and dirtier than Martin's brew mug, title track "Autora" begins life as a classic EBM cut, rattling our ribs with tough machine beats and a throbbing bassline. Getting weirder as it romps on, "Autora" barks with distorted fx oddities perfectly mashed to an involving balance. "Brink Reality" drops the tempo but up the creep factor, lacing the groove with all manner of mechanical critters. Disembodied vocals whisper and snarl adding a touch of menace, while the occasional break into swooning, synth flute sees us soar into the stars for a brief moment of respite. The beatless "Happiness Disaster" is at once space-aged, scary and cinematic, while B-side opener "10Ways" is a thunder bolt of crushing steel, bouncing percussion and a vocal worthy of Front 242 or Cabaret Voltaire. Closing the EP on a romantic and sweet note, "Start Over" is an italo/wave hybrid ballad tinged with hope and brightness, certain to get some love from the Red Laser massive.

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We’ve just taken delivery of some record storage carry cases. Available on line and on the website. Follow the link…
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