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Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller IV

Clone Records continue with the re-issue series of the early catalogue of one of the most groundbreaking and influential techno acts ever... Raw, uncompromising music made with soul and creativity that has always been the trademark of Drexciya. This is the fourth release in the reissue series and contains arguably some of their rarest and most astonishing tracks such as 'Black Sea', 'Mantaray', 'Hydro Cubes' and 'Depressurization'.

Design and layout by Klen. Mastered by Alden Tyrell.

Compared with so much grid-locked house and techno created during their decade-long lifespan, Drexciya offered an intuitively fluid solution, often recording and playing live to capture an abstract, soulful essence rarely witnessed in any of their contemporaries, harnessing and channelling electronic soul energy, rather than being dictated by it. Their treacherously non-linear edits have long tripped up many a DJ who was probably too boring to bother with anyway, and factored with their sonic fictional myth science, artwork and unique, between-worlds soundsphere, they created a legacy whose capital cannot be measured in standard terms and whose impact may never be fully quantified.

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