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Chris Coco

Daydream Utopia

    Daydream Utopia is an album of atmospheric downtempo electronica made to be played in two sessions on an old fashioned vinyl disc. As the title suggests it's a soundtrack for a day dream or maybe an inner or outer space exploration.


    Side A
    1 Extraordinary Measures
    2 Synesthesia
    3 For The People
    4 Tokyo Ame
    5 3BlueHidrotape

    Side B
    1 RGB
    2 Leap Year
    3 Interstellar
    4 Serenity Test

    Chris Coco & George Solar

    Island Vibrations

      Balearic DJs Chris Coco and George Solar started making tunes together a couple of years ago after a chance meeting at Ibiza Sonica radio followed by some deep chats about dub and the future of chill out music.

      After a string of singles they decided to make an album based (loosely) around various rhythms for the basic inspiration. George, who is also an accomplished percussionist, made a list - Nyabinghi, Guaguanco, One Drop etc - and Chris added one of their own - Algaroba.

      The basic rhythm tracks were recorded in Ibiza, mostly drums and percussion, naturally, with a little added bass from Fly, who also, fortuitously, is the sign writer who made the cover image.

      Various elements were added in Ibiza, Buenos Aires and London, and, after some digital wrangling an album of beautifully organic downtempo delights finally took shape.


      Side 1
      1 Guaguancoco
      2 Rumba Solar
      3 Na Baia
      4 Holy Rising
      Side 2
      1 Algaroba
      2 Como El Sol
      3 Hook & Line
      4 Pink Sun

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