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Givin' It Up / Pour Moi Ça Va

New 7" from Favourite. On the first side comes "Givin’ It Up" by Belgian funk band Charms. Compiled by Charles Maurice on "French Disco Boogie Sounds Vol. 2", the original vinyl 7" was released in 1982 on the famous Biram label and is now a very hard to find gem. Not really surprising considering the immediate power of this track, filled with rising chord progression, sweet vocals and immense chorus - not to mention the delicately picked guitar lines and that hefty slap bass.

On the other side comes another French disco underground hit with “Pour moi ça va” by France Lise. It takes only a few seconds to get driven on the dancefloor by the heavily funky guitar and bassline and the immediate energy of this song. Also compiled by Charles Maurice on "French Disco Boogie Sounds Vol. 1", this is also a quite hard to find OG. With its charming French vocals and bouncing percussions, it should delight any jock looking to inject some fun into the floor.


Matt says: Two highly sought after French boogie bombs compiled onto one, officially licensed 7". Nice!


A. Charms - Givin' It Up
B. France-Lise - Pour Moi ça Va

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