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Cereal Killer

No Life 'til Cereal

    4 track debut stomper of high energry riff smashing punk rock from that hotbed of now, Geelong / Victoria…yes, Australian spuzz at high volume… featuring members of Ausmuteants, ORB, Living Eyes and Wet Blankets. Like a blender was used on some early thrash metal, US hardcore sludge, and KBD compilations… play loud, play often. Smash your speakers. 250 copies only for the Northern Hemisphere.

    "Their new track “No Life Til Cereal” taken from an upcoming 7” to be released through Anti Fade/Agitated clocks in at just over a minute but is as rowdy and rough with a nasty Flipper-like ‘ha, ha, ha’ in the chorus. Though it may not sound like it, the band are influenced as much by Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers as they are the Goner records catalogue." NOISEY.

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