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Cavern Of Anti-Matter return for their third studio album on their own Duophonic label. Hormone Lemonade sees the band heavily utilising the sounds of modular synths and home built drum machines, yet still keeping the loose, improvised sound familiar to fans of their first two albums, with minimal guitar melodies and live drum kit helping to build hypnotic layers of texture.

The albums genesis was in the self-constructed rhythm machines of band member Holger Zapf, the Taktron Z3 and Taktron Z2, being recorded to tape during three one-hour sessions. These sessions also included the use of 70s Hohner and Eko drum machines. Holger played his parts in a free-form way and the bpm varied wildly as it was not possible to sync it to any outside controllers.

Tim Gane edited these initial jams into useable chunks and proceeded to overdub each new rhythmic “chunk” with some basic musical ideas, keeping in tune to the hum of the machines and retaining the “feel” of the inherent pulse. Joe Dilworth arrived to lay down a beat over these minimal backing tracks, going with the flow as best he could.

In the following months the music was fleshed out using various synths and sequencers from Roland, Arp, Oberheim and Holger’s modular synth set up. As well as many of the bass and sequencer parts the modular also supplied the chords by tuning each one of it’s five oscillators to specific notes and intervals.


Darryl says: Another superb outing for COAM, with the throbbing synth pulses and hypnotic motorik beats returning with aplomb. Things take a little more of an orchestral turn this time, with simmering progressions halting to make room for nuanced passages of ambient bliss.


Coloured LP Info: Clear Vinyl 2LP in mirriboard sleeve with printed insert, includes download card.

Reissue of Cavern Of Anti-Matter’s much sought-after first album, originally issued as a vinyl only edition of 500 copies on Berlin label Grautag Records. Finally getting the wider release it deserves courtesy of the band’s own Duophonic imprint. It has been recut as a triple vinyl set and is being made available on CD for the first time. The 3LP edition comes with a download card for the full album.

The recordings here actually represent the genesis of the whole Cavern Of Anti-Matter project: commissioned by artist Nicolas Moulin to come up with a double album of original material, Tim Gane (formerly of the much loved Stereolab) hunkered down in his home studio for three weeks with a collection of old sequencers, drum machines and analogue synths. With the assistance of Joe Dilworth and Holger Zapf he produced the 16 tracks that comprise ‘blood drums’. The initial pressing sold out instantly and offers followed to play live and make more records. As a result of this positive response, Cavern Of Anti-Matter have gradually evolved from one-off experiment to full-time band.


Barry says: A long awaited reissue of COAM's long-gone debut album 'Blood Drums'. Driving cosmic synth pulses, dreamy arps and pulsing motorik rhythms form into an epic and emotive whole. If you loved the newest album or have even a passing interest in synthery, give this one a razz. Awesome.


3xLtd LP Info: Triple LP in wide-spined sleeve with download card and insert.

Cavern Of Anti-Matter

I'm The Unknown

    Following the release of the critically acclaimed void beats/invocation trex album and their instantly sold out void versions RSD remix EP, Cavern Of Anti-Matter will release the "I'm the unknown" EP, featuring 3 previously unheard tracks, on 14 October.

    They've been busy touring over the summer, playing at festivals including Primavera, Green Man and This Is Not A Love Song. To coincide with the release of the EP they will be embarking on more EU dates and the recording of a prestigious BBC live session for Marc Riley on 6 Music.


    Ltd 12" Info: VERY limited edition - 300 copies only.

    Cavern Of Anti-Matter

    Void Beats / Invocation Trex

    Stereolab are veritable indie-rock legends, with a dedicated worldwide fanbase, and a band much beloved by their fellow musicians, with notable champions including Blur, Pharrell Williams (yes, really), Flying Lotus and Pavement. Most recently, and taking their fandom the extra mile, the prize has to go to !!!.

    Cavern Of Anti-Matter are the new band from Stereolab mainman Tim Gane, now Berlin-based and collaborating with original Stereolab drummer Joe Dilworth, and synth wizard Holger Zapf.

    We're very pleased to be helping out their label, Duophonic, with the release of void beats/invocation trex, Cavern Of Anti-Matter's first album proper after a number of limited vinyl releases. The album is an epic 72 minute journey featuring guest vocals from Bradford Cox (Deerhunter), Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3), and sound processing from Jan St. Werner (Mouse On Mars). 


    Sara says: I'm on a self-imposed ban of all non-essential purchases as I'm saving for my holiday but I heard this slab of mesmeric, krautrocking brilliantness from Stereolab's Tim Gane and decided this is essential.

    Andy says: Hypnotic grooves, burbling modular synths and a guest appearance from mister Deerhunter and Sonic Boom. Very big on the shop stereo!

    Barry says: You’ve heard Stereolab right? Well, this is Tim Gane of said band distilling the driven, head-nodding hypnotic intensity of their greatest work into an instrumental synth powerhouse. Motorik beats and soaring arpeggios form together into a rocking but predominantly electronic cacophony of driving rhythm and ecstatic melody. The whole of ‘Void Beats / Invocation Trex’ is lucid as a whole, but entirely dissectible and enjoyable piece by piece. “Insect Fear” is a cosmic and psychedelic trip through hammond-laced rock and Kosmische sequencing, perfect for vocals but even better without, leaving the push and pull of parts to form a sort of call/answer scenario, as one fades out the other comes roaring in. “Pantechnicon” is as grand as it sounds, and could easily be a flying-car laden skyscrapered skyline, viewed from a sunny panorama. An unbelievable and irresistible vision quest.


    3xDeluxe LP Info: Triple LP in wide-spined sleeve with download card and insert.

    CD Info: Digi-pack CD.

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