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Following 2017’s Infinite Avenue and 2013’s Sleeper, Both Lines Will Be Blue is Carmen’s first full instrumental album. A 7 track collection of cosmic excursions and dubby ambient-jams, the album is written, recorded, played, produced and mixed by Carmen in her Oslo studio. The soothing atmospherics are made up of tapestries of field recordings, synths, piano, drum-programming, zither and modular sounds. Throughout, Carmen’s music is colored by experimenting with different sounds and learning new techniques or by adding new instruments to the mix

"I’ve been playing around with instrumentals for a long time, and it was something I wanted to do more with after I finished Infinite Avenue,” says Carmen. “Leaving out my voice and lyrics got me out of my own head a bit, which I needed. Working with sound is to me the ultimate meditation and is a more unconscious way of expressing whatever is going on inside.”

The flute, played by Chilenean-Norwegian Johanna Scheie Orellana (formerly of Sassy 009), is a central part of this new album. Carmen got her in to the studio to both record melodies that she had written, as well as making plenty of room for impro/freeform. Prins Thomas also appears on the record, playing percussion on “I Could Sit Here All Day.”

“I made this track based on a Roland SH-101 sequence run through various processing,” says Villain. “The whole thing came together kind of like a jam, I wrote the flute in one take, and it just felt right. I wanted real flute on this, so asked Johanna if she'd like to come in, and we've been collaborating ever since.”


1.Observable Future
2. Are You For Real
3. Type
4. I Trust You
5. I Could Sit Here All Day
6. Sometimes I Love You Forever
7. Impossible Color

Carmen Villain

Sleeper - Bonus Disc Edition

Let’s get this out of the way right from the start. Carmen Villain used to be a very successful model. Her face has appeared on the covers of Vogue and Nylon, and high profile cosmetic ad campaigns. But as the shutter clicks and the palm trees sway, what’s a cover girl really thinking? Most models are expected to remain mutely anonymous, mere ciphers of a commercial brand. But it turns out, behind the scenes, Carmen Villain (aka Carmen Hillestad) was channeling her frustrations into a set of songs with a defiantly DIY underground free-rock sound. Now at last, she’s stepping off the glossy page and emerging as a new songwriting voice and multi-instrumentalist.

Carmen Villain was born in the USA, lives in London, and is half-Norwegian, half-Mexican - a cocktail of ice and fire that can be heard throughout Sleeper’s tempestuous, dreamlike music. Throughout this debut album, lyrics are plastered over loose, abrasive instrumental tracks, on which Carmen plays guitars, bass, drum machines, keyboards and percussion. 'Sleeper’'s distinctive production was halved between herself and Emil Nikolaisen (Serena-Maneesh), who also played drums and keyboards; and she also collaborated and co-produced one track with Prins Thomas, who sequenced the album. Most of the songs are about escaping an unsatisfying world, with references to sleeping, not being present, displacement, anxiety, feeling trapped, but longing for something more.

Carmen draws on a lineage of sprawling, taboo-busting lo-fi rock: Sun City Girls, Sonic Youth, Royal Trux, Broadcast and Bikini Kill, but equally admires This Heat and the cut ‘n’ paste productions of J Dilla and Wu-Tang Clan.


01. Two Towns
02. Easy
03. Lifeissin
04. Obedience
05. Made A Shell
06. How Much
07. Light, See
08. Dreamo
09. It May Well Die
10. Kingwoman
11. Slowaway
12. Demon Lover

Bonus Mixtape Tracklisting:
1. 00.00 Bardo Pond-Endurance
2. 02.35 Kurt Vile - Best Love
3. 05.11 Sun City Girls - Grand Trunk (Drifters Of The Grand Trunk)
4. 07.15 Wu-Tang Clan - Hellz Wind Staff
5. 08.45 This Heat - Sleep
6. 10.10 The Magnetic Fields - Save A Secret For The Moon
7. 10.02 Cypress Hill - Yo Quiero Fumar
8. 15.21 Pussy Galore - Don't Jones Me
9. 17.19 Tyrannosaurus Rex - Organ Blues
10. 19.36 Genius/GZA - Liquid Swords
11. 21.25 This Heat - New Kind Of Water
12. 22.13 Bikini Kill - Magnet
13. 23.34 The Men - Animal
14. 26.20 Broadcast - Love's Long Listen In
15. 27.09 Indian Jewellery - Nonetheless
16. 29.39 Royal Trux - Follow The Winner
17. 32.55 J Dilla - Nothing Like This (instrumental)
18. 35.25 Iggy & The Stooges - Tight Pants
19. 37.23 Silver Apples - Seagreen Serenades
20. 39.46 Stereolab - Les Yper-Yper Sound
21. 42.03 Carmen Villain - How Much (A JD Twitch Optimo Remix)
22. 45.12 Sun City Girls - The Flower
23. 46.26 Shabazz Palaces - An Echo From The Hosts That Profess Infinitum
24. 48.22 Sun City Girls - This Is My Name
25. 52.32 Syd Barrett - Late Night
26. 55.41 Pirate Love - The Garden Of Esoteric Reflections

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