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Mush - Reissue

    Seminal third album from one the greatest UK punk bands, Leatherface's 'Mush' is back on wax with brand new colour vinyl editions.

    Lovingly repressed, the album comes with extensive liner notes and includes 4 bonus tracks via download; a unique cover of ‘Message in a bottle’ and ‘Trenchfoot’ from the Not Superstitious 7” & ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and ‘Dreaming’ from the I Want the Moon 7”.


    Side A
    A1 I Want The Moon
    A2 How Lonely
    A3 I Don't Want To Be The One To Say It
    A4 Pandora's Box
    A5 Not A Day Goes By
    A6 Not Superstitious
    Side B
    B1 Springtime
    B2 Winning
    B3 In The Real World
    B4 Baked Potato
    B5 Bowl Of Flies
    B6 Dead Industrial Atmosphere

    Bonus Tracks On LP DL & CD
    Message In A Bottle (Not Superstitious 7")
    Trenchfoot (Not Superstitious 7")
    You Are My Sunshine (I Want The Moon 7")
    Dreaming (I Want The Moon 7")

    Tales Of Terror

    Tales Of Terror (RSD21 EDITION)



      1500 copies pressed on Red vinyl, A5 Flyer & DL card. "Straight out of The Dead Boys / Stooges school of intense, f**k-it-all, snarl and self-destruct. Recommended." Maximumrocknroll. Often cited as a major influence on the key bands of the grunge era (Nirvana, Melvins, Mudhoney etc.) Tales Of Terror's one & only LP is an overlooked classic of 80s NorCal punk rock. Available for the first time in more than 30 years, Kurt Cobain's 32nd-favourite-album-of-all-time is chaotic and charismatic in equal parts; the band's story is tinged with tragedy, but the music they played was life-affirming. Wild, heads down proto thrash metal meets punk excess; think early Guns n' Roses meets Iggy at the bar from a band whose trajectory was cut short after the death of guitarist Lyon Wong in 1986. A cobweb dispersing buried treasure that stands alongside the debut of The Damned and draws a shaky line through grunge to At The Drive In and way beyond. A super rare release, unavailable for over 30 years; remastered and ready to be cranked up to full volume. "Mid-tempo driving grunge rock that gets pretty chaotic" reported Flipside. 


      Side A. A1 Hound Dog A2 That Girl A3 Possession A4 Deathryder A5 Evil A6 13.
      Side B. B1 Romance B2 Over Elvis Worship B3 Tales Of Terror B4 Jim B5 Chambers Of Horror B6 Ozzy

      The Nightingales

      Pigs On Purpose

        The first vinyl pressing since 1983 on double blue vinyl with new liner notes. Ripe for rediscovery the sought-after and much acclaimed debut album from seminal Birmingham post punk revolutionaries The Nightingales. This newly expanded ‘Pigs On Purpose’ is remastered by Stuart Moxham with the addition of early demos and non-album singles from this period. The reissue coincides with new ‘King Rocker’ documentary celebrating the life of lead singer Robert Lloyd – a film by Michael Cumming (Brass Eye, Toast Of London), comedian Stewart Lee and James Nicholls (Fire Films, Fire Records).

        An early punk classic, The Nightingales' debut was a strange transmission released as the musical landscape was changing. They were the last important band with roots in the first blossoming of punk and became a major influence upon the explosion of mid-80s indie labels and associated bands.

        “A perfect example of out-of-sync genius” AllMusic

        “Robert Lloyd's deadpan, elegantly hilarious lyrics make Sistine Chapel shapes of mundane provincial minutiae.” The Times

        “When it comes to outsider artists, Robert Lloyd is the living embodiment of the term.” Record Collector


        SIDE 1

        1 Blood For Dirt
        2 Start From Scratch
        3 One Mistake
        4 Well Done Underdog
        5 The Crunch
        6 The Hedonists Sigh
        7 It Lives Again

        SIDE 2

        8 Make Good
        9 Don't Blink
        10 Joking Apart
        11 Yeah, It's Okay
        12 Use Your Loaf
        13 Blisters

        SIDE 3

        14 Bristol Road Leads To Dachau (demo)
        15 Hark My Love (demo)
        16 Nowhere To Return (demo)
        17 Blisters (demo)
        18 Idiot Strength
        19 Seconds

        SIDE 4

        20 The Crunch (demo)
        21 The Hedonists Sigh (demo)
        22 Inside Out
        23 Under The Lash
        24 Paraffin Brain
        25 Elvis, The Last Ten Days

        Bonus Tracks On DL Only

        1 My Brilliant Career (live)
        2 Which Hi-Fi? (live)
        3 Paraffin Brain (live)
        4 Use Your Loaf (live)

        The Prefects

        Going Through The Motions

          ‘Going Through The Motions’ is the first full-length vinyl collection of The Prefects studio recordings.Although a few tunes don’t stray from the general sounds of their time, there’s innovation and humour here. Escort Girls may be the first recorded forerunner of American hardcore. The Bristol Road Leads To Dachau hints at Joy Division’s later The Atrocity Exhibition. Taking it a step farther than Alternative TV’s How Much Longer with its deliberate dirge, Going Through The Motions, mocks punk expectation against an almost psychedelic haze.

          Total Luck bears the early evidence of Lloyd’s lone-man confessional style, and Barbarella’s is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to their most-played local venue. Versions of The Modern Lovers’ She Cracked and the Prefects’ original 625 Lines were recorded live by Virgin on the final two nights of Manchester’s Electric Circus and later issued as a compilation with tracks by The Fall, The Buzzcocks, Joy Division and others. The Prefects refused release of their material, believing their first outing should be a studio recording, not a live track or two on a compilation. During the White Riot tour, members of Subway Sect, The Slits and The Prefects joined in on a live encore loosely based on Velvet Underground’s Sister Ray. Incredibly difficult to listen to, the song was bootlegged widely before eventually appearing on The Slits’ 1980 album of early demos in a 5’20” version called “No More Rock And Roll For You”.

          Twenty years later, Vic Godard of Subway Sect edited a minute from the recording and released it on his Twenty Odd Years compilation. Two decades later, The Prefects have edited more than a minute from it and retitled it White Riot Tour. In another twenty years, it is hoped that the prolonged rite of ritual shortening of this song will leave no trace of it at all. For the record, it’s Robert Lloyd going “wooo-ooo” in the background, in what he says was an attempt to mimic the organ part from Sister Ray, which, listeners may note, is no longer being played. This is the opening salvo in the telling of Robert Lloyd’s career, which will include King Rocker: A film about Robert Lloyd & The Nightingales, by comedian and writer Stewart Lee, director Michael Cumming and Fire Films’ James Nicholls


          1) Going Through The Motions
          2) Escort Girls
          3) Bristol Road Leads To Dachau
          4) Faults
          5) 625 Lines (live At The Electric Circus)
          6) Barbarella's
          7) Things In General
          8) Agony Column
          9) Total Luck
          10) She Cracked (live At The Electric Circus)
          11) White Riot Tour (live) 

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