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Deadly Avenger

Your God Is Too Small (Repress)

    Deadly Avenger - Your God Is Too Small - Released by Burning Witches Records More sonic electro infused speaker decimation from Deadly Avenger in a brand new follow up to 2018's I Am Godzilla You Are Japan. Your God Is Too Small picks up the DA Godzilla story from the very beggining in a prequel to IAGYAJ. Includes 3D artwork and glasses, Insert, and download card. UK Exclusive variant. Artwork by Luke Insect

    Sitting midway between Deadly Avenger's earlier break-based work and the more shimmering 80's haze of his more recent release with Luke Insect, 'When Haro Met Sally', Your God Is Too Small provides a throroughly satisfying and hypnotic continuation of the legacy these two have built together. Tracks like 'A Promise For Kumiko' perfectly illustrate the mastery of sound, with the first half of the tune bing airy synths and sidechained saw-stacks before snapping into a fiery bunker redux, only to perfectly merge the two sounds together into a perfectly soaring juxtaposition of cosmic pulsing and distorted heft.

    'Gunman Omega' is another brilliant example of the sound we've come to expect from Mr.Avenger, with throbbing off-pulse throbs forming the backdrop to a soaring, phased synth sweep and gated reverbed kick / snare combo.

    'Your God Is Too Small' is further evidence of DA's mastery of sound, perfectly flitting between claustrphobic, hollow percussives and soaring, euphoric synthwork, proving once again a perfect release for the ever-reliable Burning Witches. 


    01] Your God Is Too Small
    02] A Promise For Kumiko
    03] Destroy All Humans
    04] Skit_Legend Of Poison Cobra
    05] Gunman Omega
    06] The Mysterions
    07] Skit_Legend Of Opal Moon
    08] Tokyo S.O.S
    09] Tears In A Demons Eye
    10] Myuki My Love
    11] Phantoms
    12] Skit_Legend Of Heavenly Spheres
    13] Theme For Hoshino
    14] Second Death

    Cory Kilduff

    You Will Be Safe

      Burning Witches Records are proud to announce the new electronic, glitching, mind melting double album from Cory Kilduff!

      "On his 2019 BWR debut, ‘When It All Gets To Be Too Much’, Cory Kilduff made a sprawling and emotionally connected album filled with lush synth textures and heart-heavy melodies, reminding us what it was like to be young with heart-on-sleeve. On follow-up, You Will Be Safe, Kilduff makes up for a mostly beat-less debut by creating a rhythmically rich record. Kinetic rhythms intertwine with Kilduff's knack for melody, giving songs like "Was That Not An Exit", "Night Night", and "The Brighter Side Of Giving Up" dance floor integrity while never losing sight of the beating heart moving us to dance." - John Hubner.


      1. It's A Feature
      2. Internal Feedback
      3. The Worst Miscalculations
      4. Was That Not An Exit
      5. We All Break Eventually
      6. The Medicine
      7. Night Night
      8. Probably Stable
      9. Restraint In Four Parts
      10. That Voice You Hear Sometimes
      11. The Brighter Side Of Giving Up

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