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Galactic Protector


    Accomplished musician / producer Bryan Richie, bassist for American rock band The Sword, has announced a new solo project under the pseudonym Galactic Protector. Overflowing with bright, synthesizer melodies and blissful, melancholic IDM, the 15 track effort plays out like electronic dream pop songs, hovering between ambient introspection and more active synth pop and post-rock elements.

    Tranquil, nostalgic and melodic, 'Evening' pushes sound beyond the realms of IDM and ambient, conjuring a more kinetic, experiential expression of sound. Using an arsenal of analogue and digital synths, Richie's music as Galactic Protector blends new wave and cinematic influences with sophisticated downtempo beat patterns. The tracks initially took shape at Richie's home studio as well as in the Portland studio of producer Tucker Martine (Neko Case, Modest Mouse) during recording sessions for The Sword's 2018 release 'Used Future'.


    Coloured LP Info: Limited edition pressing on “galactic” yellow 180g heavyweight vinyl. Includes insert print and download card

    System Syn

    Dry Blood

      Beautiful, eerie soundtrack by Clint Carney (aka System Syn) to the film he also wrote, produced and starred in.

      Dry Blood is full of haunting piano melodies and dark brooding electronics that summon the entire film in a few notes.

      Nominated for "Best Original Score" at the FANtastic Horror Film Festival.

      Daniel Davies

      Soeurs De Glisse

        In a follow up to last year's Events Score and Halloween OST comes the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Belgian Documentary Soeurs De Glisse.

        Two sisters from Court-Saint-Etienne (Belgium) are getting ready for the Winter Paralympic Games in South Korea. The two skiers create a unique duo: Eleonor, visually-impaired, only has the voice of her older sister to guide her down the slopes. After four years of intense training and sacrifices, they bring home the first Belgian female medal during the Winter Games - An achievement with consequences on the duo and their respective lives.

        As you can imagine, the landcapes lend themselves to epic sounds, juxtaposed with the focus and emotional pressures of competing on the world stage. Perhaps best known for his role as a collaborator and co-writer on horror auteur John Carpenter’s recent Lost Themes and Anthology albums (as well as a pillar of his live band’s subsequent tours), Daniel Davies has crafted the Paralympians journey from training to deep reflection after the event in a truly beautiful score using the musician’s distinct talent for wringing modernistic soundscapes from vintage synths


        Coloured LP Info: Mountain blue LP



          After a busy 2018, which saw worriedaboutsatan release a steady stream of new material, the Yorkshire based duo start the new year with the release of their fourth full length album, ‘Revenant’.

          The record marks a slight departure from their previous critically acclaimed album Blank Tape, by venturing into more synthesiser heavy pieces, based around dark brooding atmospheres, and switching from the bouncing arpeggios and slow hypnotic rhythms like the 10 minute album opener ‘Skylon’, to the jittering, cinematic rush of ‘Making Your Masks’.

          Six tracks recorded over three weeks in Tom’s rural Yorkshire studio. The band channelled their signature post-rock guitars and skyscraping atmospherics into something more synthetic, but without losing what makes them the band that garnered attention for soundtracking Adam Curtis’ Hypernormalisation documentary back in 2016.

          **Silver and black vinyl may or may not have audio distortion intermittently during playback, depending on your system. This was discovered after the press had been completed and packed, so we have included a red repress without audio issues. All purchases will ship with both silver and red copies.


          2xLP Info: (Silver and red vinyl both included)



            The electronic project of Austin, Texas musician Alex Cuervo, Espectrostatic has been grabbing the ears of horror fans since the first self-titled full-length in 2013. While there’d been a digital-only EP, Skeletactical, in 2012, it was that debut LP on Chicago’s Trouble in Mind which put Cuervo and Espectrostatic at the forefront of soundtrack-inspired musicians.

            Since then, there have been two digital EPs and another full-length, Escape from Witchtropolis, in 2014, also on Trouble in Mind. Silhouette was released digitally nearly a year and a half ago, and while a self-released cassette version of the music came out earlier this year, many wondered if it would get a proper vinyl pressing.

            Happy day of happy days, then, when the UK’s Burning Witches announced they’d be releasing a limited vinyl edition of 500 copies on translucent blue wax. Even better, not only did artist HauntLove remix and remaster the artwork for the release, but Burning Witches co-founder BurningTapes remastered Silhouette especially for the format.

            Granted, this is something that needs to be done for most releases, but I’ve been listening to these songs for well over a year now. They’ve been played through multiple stereos, several different pairs of headphones and earbuds, and Silhouette has never sounded as good as it did the moment opening cut, “The Corridor,” did when I dropped the needle on it.

            The music of Espectrostatic has been evolving and changing all along the course of Cuervo’s six years with the project, and it’s always for the better. That’s not to say the older material is bad, of course: it’s just that the rather more obvious aping of his influences has given way to a synthesis of said influences into something more cohesively unique. Whereas earlier albums were sort of a hodgepodge — wherein there were individual tracks influenced by Fabio Frizzi, John Carpenter, and assorted other composers — Silhouette is a collection of Espectrostatic pieces.

            “Dead End City” sounds like nobody else. It’s so astonishingly catchy, while still sounding like doom and gloom, that its all-too-brief running time seems like a tease. It could play for hours and I don’t think I’d ever tire of it. Few Espectrostatic tracks over the years have ever featured guitar or live drums in such a way, yet it still comes before the pure synth of “This Modern Curse,” and this is without the transition between the two sounding at all awkward.
            - Modern Vinyl


            LP Info: Transparent blue vinyl, with insert and download card. Artwork re-imagined by Hauntlove. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.

            Alone In The Woods

            Alone In The Woods

              Jon Dobyns and Lonn Bologna make up Alone in the Woods. Their instrumental debut features downtempo beats, ambient production and takes cues from orchestral music as well as hip hop. Alone in the Woods capture a unique sound that only a multitude of influences blended can produce. Warm 80’s synth tones are melded with modern day techniques and experimentation that Depeche Mode and Bjork would be proud of.

              Instant classics like “Digging Holes” and “Ripples” push the listener into the stratosphere and then you are pulled back by the intimacy of tracks such as “woods funeral” and “New roots, old growth” which will fully absorb you into the woods...

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Barry says: This couldn't be any more up my street if it was designed specifically around the concept of fitting my street. Shimmering synths, weirdo drum machines, modern classical flourishes and on my favourite label of the moment. Properly beautiful stuff. This will sell out in a heartbeat.


              Coloured LP Info: Limited Edition Forest-burst Green Vinyl.

              Xander Harris

              Villains Of Romance

                Musician/composer Justin Sweatt, aka Xander Harris, was in the process of working on an ambitious double LP when he was struck by a car riding his bike in New Orleans. The accident could have been much worse, but Justin has still been de-commissioned for several weeks/months while he heals from an injured shoulder and a concussion. A 9 to 5er with benefits and vacation time might be inconvenienced by this but would recover and life would begin as it had before. For an independent musician who works part-time and relies on his or her hands to work and create art, something like this can be life-altering.

                Villains of Romance is leaner than first envisioned, but that gives the record a vital nature. At 9 tracks just under 50 minutes it’s another exploration of life through the eyes, heart, and mind of Xander Harris. The tracks follow the dystopian vibes of Termination Dust, but with touches of dark pop strewn throughout. From hazier fare like “Bleeding Meridians” to techno banger like “First Taste of Hate” to the gothic beauty of “Individual Outs”, Sweatt outdoes himself. There is even a collaboration with singer Nicolas Nadeau on the lilting and gorgeous “Wither Lace”.

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