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Timed perfectly for DJs working the Valantine's shifts, Caserta and co welcome Teddy to the Bridge Boots family. With another iconic voice spread out on 2 distinct mixes, Caserta is a firm believer in the 'If it ain’t broke don’t fix it' approach.

The A Side takes you under the stars of a rooftop disco on a warm summer night. With live bass and triumphant horns this mix is sure to have you feeling right into the wee hours. Speaking of the wee hours, when that time approaches you can flip her on over to the B Side for the "Bassment Dub". The repetitive bassline and hard drums are sure to keep you busy right until the sun comes up! Just remember to pack a toothbrush! ;) 


Martin says: Maximizing your bang for your b.. erm, record bag space, Bridge Boots pack two fantastic Valantine's Day flavours onto one compact 7".. Saving spines but pleasing ears!

Caserta & Lucky Ry set to work on the cutting table once more, performing some precision surgery on a blue-eyed dancefloor classic before repackaging it on two sides of 7".

Dissected into two parts, "Bobby II" sees both 70s and 80s inflections added to its core foundation; chronologically increasing digital nuances and sidechain effects over the decade in between.

Sure to be big in the hands of Late Nite Tuff Guy, Greg Wilson, Moplen and the dedicated army of DJs who like to keep things fresh on the edit tip.

Will also go down a storm at your next Refuge / Cottonopolis / Schloss (etc) bar set! Ohh Bobby! 


Sil says: Supercharged boogie 7" here from Caserta and Lucky Ry, ripping up an 80s classic and pumping up the bass and drums to speaker breaking levels.

While "Bobby" was the track that sparked the idea for Caserta to start BridgeBoots, "Diana" was always in the back of his mind.

"Diana" started off as a release on the long since defunct LegitMix platform. Now it gets new life remixed and mastered by Caserta @TheBridge StudioLA, with a more concise 7-inch edit as well as a brand new 'Sing A Long Dub' on the flip; it's sure to be a main stay in the crates for years to come.


Sil says: Right on time to be dropped in one of those awful xmas office parties but hold your horses... why drop the original when you can drop this mega edit instead? Buy on sight!

Fresh off of "Bobby", Caserta and co. waste no time getting back in the kitchen to chef up another heat rock, simply titled "Luther".

The Bridge crew take one of, if not the most recognizable voices in music and deliver 2 mixes dedicated to two of the most iconic eras of dance music. Caserta’s 'King Street Mix' takes you back to the live drums and bass grooves of late 70’s early 80’s disco. While on the flip, the 'Henry Street Mix' harkens back to the hard beats and synth stab of late 80’s to 90s house.

With 2 distinct mixes ably traversing a wide era of dance music history, all jam packed onto a handy dandy 7".

Primarily known for his work behind the boards with heavyweights; Kon, Bosq and Soul Clap, Caserta steps out from behind the console to present the first release on his new imprint BridgeBoots.

Sourcing a vocal from a certain blue-eyed soul classic, oft reserved for the end of the night, and smothering it in an electro-soul patina, which takes it to sunny shores and clear skies. Light up your favourite beach bar this summer with this beaut! Kon holds it down on the flip side with a smooth & polished dub, adding echo flurries, a buoyant nature and galloping congas to take it further into paradisiacal realms.

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