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    Group Photos hail from San Bernardino, California and make incredible shoegaze pop. Like a mix of Interpol's delivery with Slowdive's blissed droning peaks that cut through the songs with touches of shimmering & delayed flecks of sound. Add a dash of experimental field recordings, crisp acoustics & fx, and it's a seductive collection of tracks on the ever-present Box Bedroom Rebels! Opening instrumental "Safety" sets you off with its hypnotic jangling riffs before melting into a long ecstatic drone as the acoustic strum of "Infirmary" fades in before the track explodes to life and races off before blending into "In The Morning", a high speed sprinter with crescendo upon crescendo that never eases up. Side 2 starts with another instrumental track "Cut", with its ambient soundscapes and the whirrr n click of electronics. "Frequency" is the longest track on the EP - a beautiful hypnotic slice of dreampop. "Flight Lessons" is full on blissed-out, lo-fi shoegaze; dreamy, etherial and woozy before the EP ends on a short instrumental piece "Birds Under A Bridge" - a ghostly track that ripples with unnatural echo, concludes the EP in beguiling form. 

    7 track 33rpm 7" housed in one of 5 different coloured risograph sleeves containing one of 2 different gatefold full coloured doublesided inserts plus a stamped envelope containing 9 track download code, BBR Letter, Group Photos confetti & postcard.


    Side A
    In The Morning

    Side AA
    Flight Lessons
    Birds Under A Bridge

    Sunset Dreams


      With great excitment comes the new record from cult MCR label Box Bedroom Rebels. After receiving the hand delivered package personally last week I've been keen to get stuck into the latest sounds from this wonderful project which seems to tirelessly mine the lesser scowered resources of the global bedroom-music scene - pushing the terrm, 'DIY', 'lo-fi' and the whole punk aesthetic to dizzying new extremes. We're massive fans of the label here at PIccadilly and this new one seems like a right doozy, here's Kev with an intro:
      'It comes from Australian outfit Sunset Dreams.Fronted by wonderkid Dominik who wrote, recorded, played everything, engineered and produced the tracks here...and he's only 17! Anyway, this 6 track 7" (+9 track download - the download tracks are SOooooo good, like big epic psychpop workouts) comes housed in a double sided sleeve with double sided insert and an envelope containing BBR Letter, Sunset Dreams sticker, download code, confetti and a bag of 'fake' acid tabs! yup! (Kev's painstakingly sourced OG blotter art for this ingenius touch! - ed).
      Each sleeve is customised with gold / silver metalic ink so every one is different.The music is hyperactive psychedelic 60s pop with more techical shoegaze sound flourishes than most..Gazepop ? Its like early Tame Impala, mid era Falming Lips and hazy dreamy shoegaze all rolled into one...from the woozy opening loops of 'I find My Way Around' to the heavenly summer warmth of 'Easy' which just takes off for the heavens and 'Worn Jumpers'..which will leave you smiling for days! Its a beautiful sunshine pop record....'

      There's definintely references to the above bands, but Sunset Dreams deliver it without the languid spraw of, say, Tame Impaler - knowing that they're, on this release at least, confined to the time restrains of 7" format - the result is a fully spectrum lysergic-fuelled ride round all corners of the psych-pop spirograph, delivered with a painfully conciseness which leaves the listener gagging for more and surely invites them to get to stuck the more spirralling, epic download section. One of the best presented releases from this emaculate label to date this one's sure to go down as one of the more collectable units from the (already vintage) label. Don't sleep on this one folks. 


      Andy says: A lovely mix of C86 jangle with shoegaze floatiness. It's a good'un!


      Side A
      1 Try To Find My Way Around
      2 What's On Your Mind 
      3 Girls / Boys

      Side B
      Worn Jumpers

      Featuring members of Piccadilly favourites, Horsebeach, Field Routes enter the music world via Kev Beard's much lauded Box Bedroom Rebels series (also responsible for putting out the first ever Horsebeach record!). Brothers Dan and Matt Booth take time out from the Ryan Kennedy-fronted project for intimate and reflective explorations into the heart of indie-pop; sunshine glimmering off rain soaked concrete pavements as we stroll through the city with wet feet and a sullen heart. Hinting towards darker and more melancholic times ahead, the six tracks feature heartfelt and intricate guitar and vocal interplay, bathed in that heavy plate reverb synonymous with the the rainy sound of Manchester. RIYL: The Smiths, Felt, Horse Beach, 


      Matt says: Kev's knack for A&R knows no boundaries! Is he Tony Wilson re-incarnated? He certainly knows how to pick out some of the best new music from around our fair city. Killer debut that should thrust this ace new project into limelight.


      Come Back

      Yowzers! Just in time for the Christmas hustle (yes I just mentioned the C-word!) we have this most perfect of festive present ideas. Kev Beard's iconic DIY label, Box Bedroom Rebels label bring a compilation of the best bits from the series in a beautifully presented pack. 33 tracks from the first 2 years of BBR, most of which are now impossible to get anywhere; this also includes a few previous 'download only' tracks. In the two years since its inception, BBR has become somewhat of a cult label amongst its fans, garnishing support across the world and media. They released one of the very first Horsebeach 7"s, have put out material from the farthest reaches of Scotland, to the darkest suburbs of Wigan and kept a ridiculously creative, inspiring aesthetic throughout. Punk rock through and through in mindset and execution, the styles and genres on show from the label range from morose shoegaze through melancholic, rain-soaked indie-fuzz through to glacial moments of icy shimmering electro-pop. There's always a hook or a melody, but you might have to fight through 6-inches of distortion, grit, blood and tears to get to it. A lesson for us all that 'doing it yourself' can be much more inspired than running the normal course of label / distribution / record deal; Kev's kept hold to every last drop of artistic credibility but still achieved widespread appeal and a die-hard fan base to boot. It'd be both shameful and against the punk spirit of this record to talk about how the OG 7"s sell for loads of discogs (but I just did). Just buy this record to feel it through your bones to the bottom of your feet and to the pit of your heart. And that's what matters. We heart Box Bedroom Rebels 4 ever!


      Side. 1
      Water World - Dead
      The Faded Tapes - I Will Race You
      Temple Songs - Dragging You Down
      Mini Dresses - River
      Tape Waves - Somewhere
      The Arctic Flow - Lost Wishes
      Mini Dresses - Watching You
      Temple Songs - ...
      Yosoy - Mistakes

      Side 2 -
      Tape Waves - Drifting
      Horsebeach - Even
      The Arctic Flow - I Know A Place (fast Instrumental Pop Version)
      Adult Books - Girl Space Friend
      Sur - Southern Boy
      The Scottish Enlightenment - Black Dog (Toad Session)
      The Arctic Flow - Harbour Grey
      The Faded Tapes - New Song

      Side 3 -
      The Watchmakers - Waves
      Sur - Nay's Song
      Temple Songs - Luxury Lice
      Adult Books - Bedsit Infamies
      Water World - Cream Soda
      Lost Tapes - Cry & Lie
      Horse Beach - Avoid The Light (Demo Version)
      Unhappy Shoppers - Aisle6

      Side 4 -
      Lost Tapes - Lost In Youth
      Unhappy Shoppers - Horsepower & The Modern Slog
      Horse Beach - How Long Must I Wait
      Yosoy - Running
      The Watchmakers - Summer Of Love (Acoustic Version)
      The Arctic Flow - Flightless Birds
      Yosoy - Talk
      The Scottish Enlightenment - The Strong Force

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