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Terminal Cheesecake

Le Sacre Du Lievre

    Terminal Cheesecake were formed in North and East London in 1988. Alongside contemporaries such as Godflesh and God the band wielded an uncompromising and impure blend of further than far out pysch, dub and hammered industrial grooves.  They were the first band signed to Wiiija Records (best known for bands such as Cornershop, Silverfish and Bis), went on to deliver a legendary 4 track John Peel BBC Radio session and released several studio albums including their 1990 classic Angels In Pigtails on Kevin Martin's (GOD, Ice, Techno Animal, The Bug) Pathological label.

    In 2013, after a very long hiatus, Terminal Cheesecake formerly reformed and in 2016 released their first studio album in 14 years Dandelion Sauce Of The Ancients on Box Records.  Since their reformation Terminal Cheesecake have once again ruled the roost of the UK underground with their slab-of-noise take on fierce, groove orientated psychedelic noise rock.

    Their latest album Le Sacre Du Liévre features 7 tracks of unyielding psych freak outs and thus continues the Terminal Cheesecake's dedication to pushing psychedelic sonics to the extreme. At times this album reaches a seemingly unfathomable relentlessness with new songs Wipey's Revenge, Golden Hair and V.D.K. Neck stomping mud holes into the earth which threaten to implode the universe.

    Le Sacre Du Liévre is an incredible beast of an album. Terminal Cheesecake are the loving destroyers and it's so good to have them back. Terminal Cheesecake are currently Russell Smith (formerly of AR Kane and M/A/R/R/S), John Jobbagy (drummer of The Vibes and Purple Things), Dave Cochrane (Bruxa Maria and formerly of GOD), Gordon Watson (Luminous Bodies and Melting Hand) and Neil Francis (GNOD and Locean).

    Lower Slaughter

    Some Things

      With vocalist Sinead Young moving home to her native Glasgow with other members remaining in Brighton Lower Slaughter had to find a more considered approach to writing their second album. Bass player Barney Wakefield explains:

      “What Big Eyes was a collection of our songs we’d been playing live for ages which we recorded super quick in the studio. The approach to song-writing has been much different for Some Things Take Work' Essentially it’s been a ‘long-distance’ relationship, with writing taking on a different, more considered form. This gave our approach more urgency and focus though and lead us to trust our instincts as a group.”

      The result of this more considered approach is a ferocious album, one that is every part as exhilarating as the band's debut yet at times summons an extra weight and urgent delivery. While looking inwards exploring mental health, therapy revelations and healing Sinead Young's lyrics are every part introspective as well as profound social commentaries of the blockades and existential struggles many face.

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