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Ted Amber

Botanic Minds Sunset Series

Botanic Minds is a vinyl-only record label that deals in heady tech house and minimal and has since 2017. The sounds are often lush and ethereal for those sun up or sun down moments that send shivers down the spine. That continues once more on this new one from Ted Amber. "Track 1" pairs nice supple and silky synth modulations with flappy drums that come up from below as spoken words add dreamy details. "Track 2" is a little darker and more wonky in its linear grooves and finally "Track 3" has fleshy bass and bumping drums with spangled metallic synths and DIY percussion. They've all approach the open-air with a gentle and delicate demeanor. Those tracks that bubble away during moments of decadent hedonism far away from home; spiritual grade body mechanics. Big tip.


Side 1
1. Track 1 (8:15)
2. Track 2 (7:51)
Side 2
1. Track 3 (10:09)

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Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for coming. 🎉
Sat 3rd - 11:57
Big love Jay. Thanks for coming down. 👍
Sat 3rd - 11:54
Soundcheck is still going on. So we’re a little late opening. Sorry about that.
Fri 2nd - 7:14
STAGE TIMES for our SOLD OUT End Of Year Review party across the road @nightanddaycafe tonight! DOORS 7PM KICKIN’…
Fri 2nd - 6:14
New banners up today to celebrate our winners 🏆 Album of the year @michaelheadtreb ‘Dear Scott’ via @ModernSkyUK
Fri 2nd - 3:24
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