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Resan Till Plutonia

    Empfanger stay in the sewers like TMNT. Back with four tracks of their crackbrained, deep fried electronics. Buzzing sawtooths, muffled drums, eerie arps - all recorded red hot to some dusty 1/4" tape and fused with radiactive compounds before mastering. Strictly for the warehouse gremlins and techno zombies this, witching hour music when the dark entities come out to play! Please evacuate the club of any 'normals' before proceedings. Thanks.

    RIYL: WT Records, LIES, Muscle Recordings, PRR! PRR!, Analogue Cops etc etc. 

    DJ City

    Teenage Sexdrive

      From deep inside of Berlin’s 24/7 darkrooms, here comes DJ City’s debut maxi single. Two house trax made out of body fluids, pain and laughter after, to accompanize the teenage sex drive that want never ever fade away. 


      1. Cap Cerbere
      2. Teenage Sexdrive 

      The Moscow duo is back with another dose of haunted industrial techno punches. 
      We start proceedings with 'Incident', a relentless, menacing and not so dystopian end of world scene plagued with metallic, industrial and machine ridden sounds that create a soporiphic and dense atmosphere. Is it techno, or is it breakbeat? I think it sits at the crossroads rather comfortably. 
      Flip this monster and it becomes clear that at the end of the day this is a techno record. 'Haunted Tales' prolongs the narrative from above and makes it darker and that slight breakbeat aura is left behind. Menacing, hard and unforgiving tonalities swim in and fade out in this 'metal' techno track. 
      Things do not change much on 'Navy Fit Republic', This is perhaps the most dancefloor oriented track, with a blatantly dark bassline being the engine. Aggressive, dark and futuristic. It can cause serious damage on the dancefloor but you need the right crowd to make it effective. 
      Another super 12" by the always solid Born Free.


      Sil says: Every Born Free 12" deserves attentive listening as they are almost always bangers. This one is no exception.


      1. Incident
      2. Haunted Tales
      3. Navy Fit Republic 

      Perennial Piccadilly favourites Born Free find the time to turn out one last tonker before the end of 2k17, serving up a searing 3 track EP from Rotterdam-techno explorer Louis Guilliaume. Presumably armed with a phat sherm stick and a battered MPC, Louis gets deep and deranged on the hunt for electronic funk. "Freezse" employs its homonymic technique to fire off a burst of strobe lit stabs over the top of a restless techno perc track, opening the EP with a steely glare across the post-peak dancefloor. From there, "Close Encounter" drops into a totally off-the-wall outpouring of overlapping rhythms, clattering drums and spaced out sci-fi FX, filling our ears with disorienting drug noise before an intergalactic lead line traps us in its tractor beam. Finally "Time Trap" offers heat treated percussion, industrial aesthetics and a mindwarping sequences, closing a killer EP which makes your brain buzz and your tummy bump.


      Matt says: Some wacked-out shit for y'all here.... Think White Hotel at 6.30am when the gremlins come out to play....


      1. Freezse
      2. Close Encounter
      3. Time Trap 

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