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Spacey Houses Vol. 1

    Spacey Houses would have been part of the old Knaresborough Forest when Blind Jack roamed The Nidd Valley way back in 1888. Now it’s a district that divides the Yorkshire Ridings Counties. The very first Dream House EP - 1.1 introduced a talent from Wattrelos by the name of Jimini. He then created the very first "Return Tripp EP" and now the very first Spacey Houses. A record specifically space crafted by Jimini & Luv*Jam together.

    Fans of Luv*Jam's impeccable series know what to expect now. Super lush, highly textured and ultra dreamy musica which drifts through balearic-tinged house, hypnotic downbeat and a vast expansiveness totally in keeping with the Welsh mountain from which most of the labels' output originates from. This colab perfectly epitomizes the ethos as we groove between the celestial and the organic in fine style. As usual, copies are limited and much sought after, so make sure you get those orders in quick to grab a piece of the action. 

    Blind Jack's Journey continue their impeccable record to date with another various artists collection of superb dreaminess. Helvyn kicks us off with the playful and highly sensual melodies of "Voyage Of The Sparrowhawk". Luv*Jam's ear for quality and conciseness with this label is second-to-none. Introducing brand new acts alongside more established ones, the label's managed to cement this soft, synthetic, utterly beautiful sound with each and every release. "Voyage Of The Sparrowhawk" pretty much epitomizes this sound to me.... Luv*Jam nips the stems of said track for a deep, more galactically-orientated journey. Next up sees the return of Melba with a undulating wave of bliss, gently breezing in off coastal tides and bright orange sunrises, a moment of serene optimism that should heal all of life's wounds. Sentose keeps the mood intact, ushering the delicate and emotive melodies of "Requisition". Basically, this is Luv*Jam stating quite clearly that he and his esteemed crew need a fuckin residency at all the best Croatian festivals and to not have this sound drifting across the Adriatic this Summer would be nothing short of criminal! Most recommended.


    Matt says: Luv*Jam's mountain dwelling nippers return for another journey into blissed-out abandon. Making the descent from the top and down to the beach. Bring your wet suit!


    Ltd 10" Info: Transparent gold vinyl!

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