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Bitter End

Itchicrickitch / Princess (Ascension)

Ten releases in, and STILL far better than the rest, Sheffield's finest are back with a BANGER! In a more raucous mood, it seems Bitter End have pre-empted the summer of debauchery ahead of us by unleashing their Sweetest exorcism yet... "Itchicrickitch" is the tweaking weirdo in the corner, the unsettling presence that invariably unites the room in the simplistic joy of judgement free release. Woozy, wobbling, wonky bass synth meets chattering, crackling, cicada style percussion with eventual scat eruption. Warning, big rig play will result in outbreak of St Vitus dance...
'Princess' appeared on the flipside of a frankly far more regal diva originally on GALL005, here she's the smudged mascara version, much stroppier and not due home 'til way after sunrise. Thick slabs of boogie bass lay the foundation for funky guitars and chunky percussion on an irrepressible groove. As always, limited and LOUD!

Bitter End

Thelma Hous / Leave Me This

One Thelma it seems, is never enough and following a rousing response to GALL008, Bitter End return with two more interpretations from their private stock.

As the Crooked Man alias continues to cement his soundsystem friendly aesthetic, "Thelma Hous" perfectly pairs Houston's "Don't Leave Me This Way" vocal with a growling, razor sharp bassline and those crisp house drums he's synonymous with.

On the flip, our Sheffield star makes more use of that indelible vocal, allowing more of the disco flavour from the original to shine through as takes us through a 5am, floor-uniting moment of house music euphoria. Anyone got any garies?

You need. 


Sil says: Hot hot and hot. Bassline lesson 101 here for the chuggy house with disco tinges fans. The vocals are tremendous. We are witnessing a banger in all its splendor. Make it yours or repent in future times.

Bitter End

Kneel B4 Thelma / Mast Song

The Crooked Man like Parrot runs things till the Bitter End for the label's eighth essential installment to date.

Once again, the producer somehow finds new ways to freshen up the house blueprint, adding a deep knowledge of soundsystem dynamics and main room engineering. "Kneel B4 Thelma", recently debuted on Kickin' Pigeon's Galactic Bounce NTS show, demonstrates this uncanny ability perfectly - re-using one of the most sampled vocals in dance music history but transforming it into a tweaking, never-come-down narco-house jam that should unite bears, queens, string-vests and cameo shirts under its stack-splitting intensity. Yes mate!

"Mast Song" on the flip subtly works its way under your skin. Think some of those tripped out cosmic house jams on ESP, or Dr. Dunks mid boat party set with the sun burning through the sails and bouncing off the crystalline ocean... Sublime!


Matt says: 'Been smashing this on promo' since Alec snided me a digi a few weeks back. Now on trademark thick wax, Parrot's not-so-secret alias drops more speaker tweakin' damage.

Bitter End

Echo Loves Narcissus / Get The Love

Crooked Man returns to Bitter End with an "Emotional Copy Only" - a double header of powerful nightclub movements. "Echo Loves Narcissus - Part 1" is the opening salvo in a sonic saga across four parts, marrying, as it does irresistibly uplifting chords and vocal ad-libs to a bassline so thick it'll rattle the windows right out of your ride and knock the tiles straight off the walls of your cerebral restroom. Once you've adequately composed yourselves, we invite you to the 11 minute monster which is "Get The Love" on the flip. This recalls the brief but genre defying 90s jams from Mundo Muzique's Revelation project: synth assisted house-nosis, buoyed by the mantric voice imploration to accept higher states of carnality atop an immersive blanket of propulsive rhythms. "Get The Love" throbs and crackles with the immense electricity contained within, a juddering outboard barrage of well sequenced synths accompanying a truly tasty electro-house beat and smooth vocal parts. A truly breathtaking and destined to be massive double tracker from Bitter End. Most recommended! 


Matt says: Storming stuff here from the Crooked Man alter-ego. Two different animals, from the throbbing low-end hypnosis of the A-side, to the electronic, robo-funk of side B. Ace.

The Bloody Hollies

Yours Until The Bitter End

“Yours Until the Bitter End ” is The Bloody Hollies follow up to the highly praised “Who to Trust, Who to Kill, Who to Love” which was released in 2007 on Alive Naturalsound. Many who are familiar with the band’s sound know them by their trademark murder-themed blues/rock anthems that remind listeners of the 60’s and 70’s golden age of rock & roll. The new album still embraces the dark side of raw garage punk, but comes armed with a more eclectic array of songwriting and musicianship. But don’t let the touches of organ, violin, and xylophone fool you, the band’s hybrid of blues and rock & roll continue to shine more impressively than ever.

The Bloody Hollies recorded in San Diego, but enlisted the expertise of Jim Diamond in Detroit, a familiar friend of the band’s that helped bring the sound of this record to its full potential. “Yours Until the Bitter End” is a work that reflects a lengthy career that fully embraces The Bloody Hollies’ vast influences while at the same time maintaining the band’s unique sound of explosive, over-driven mayhem balanced with intelligently thought-out songwriting. What is most impressive about The Bloody Hollies, however, is the diversity of their strengths, ranging from 70’s classic rock, Americana blues, to an even power-pop songwriting style. Wesley Doyle’s voice is stronger than ever and continues to shine, complimenting Joseph Horgen’s unique slide blues guitar style. The rhythm section of Matthew Bennett (drums) and Erik Noorgard (bass guitar) are as solid as ever and work together perfectly on this record which will go down as The Bloody Hollies’ most impressive to date.

Nine Black Alps

Bitter End

New single from the Manchester based rockers Nine Black Alps. Taken from their forthcoming album "Love Hate"; "Bitter End" is a powerful yet melodic three-minute pop song drawing influences from the likes of The Lemonheads, Nirvana and Blind Melon.


CDS Info: The CD single includes "Overdramatic" and the video for "Bitter End"

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