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Bienvenue Recordings presents the first recordings of Secret Witness. Created in winter 2020, the band brings together producers Gabriel Rei and Gene Tellem, singer/songwriter Laroie and drummer Pascal Deaudelin. ‘Volume I’ is presented as the fruit of this reunion, an ideal pairing for seekers of dancefloor influenced reflection. Night tunes to best capture the driving and soulful essence of deep house, with lyrical play to help you imagine. Recorded between Saint-Sauveur and Montreal, this six track mini-album reaches for sophistication, playfulness and romance... we can all agree that it is a useful triptych to base a theme...


Matt says: High fidelity, DSP production, sun blushed aesthetic, deep soulful vocals and a house music mindset make this the surprise late summer winner. RIYL: Andras Fox, Lou Hayter, Ruf Dug, Ron Trent & Larry Heard.


A1. Endless Nights
A2. Secret Witness
A3. Refuge
B1. Influence
B2. My Love Is Dark (Everlasting Fight)
B3. More For Us

Lush, hi-fidelity, electronic house music here from Montreal as Gabriel Rei blesses Bienvenue with three tracks of sumptious late nite textures.

Produced with a keen attention to detail and a firm grip of his technologies, all three tracks exude a dreamy expansiveness - with elements of dub techno coalesced with direct dancefloor kinetics and a floaty, melodic touch. Pulsating, rippling and cascading synth licks it's defining feature.

Rei's patches and synthesis are mind bogglingly good; recalling the recently passed D. Ball and his Ourtime output alongside other higher ring operatives. This is pretty special folks, especially for those with a penchant the more techier side of house music - don't sleep!


A1. All And This
A2. Basement Limbo
B. City Of Dreams

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