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Estonian pioneer Raul Saaramets exists in many parallel musical universes and this is reflected in his stellar output as Ajukaja, mining a rich furrow of stand out, oddball yet eminently danceable, groovy house and beat experiments. As the program co-director for Estonia's national radio station Raadio 2, he's given his country unprecedented access to some of the hottest music on this planet. He's also made some of the finest underground dance records over the last few years including 'Stranger', 'Benga Benga' and "Rare Birds' (made with long time production partner Andrevski) which were hammered by the scene's elite. His Bergerac debut has been a long time coming but well worth the wait.

Mhmhmh is a super vibey late night burner which quite obviously gets its title from the faintly Germanic, sleazy vocal sample which goes 'um hum um hum'. 'Sklad' trips you out even more with a mangled, ecstasy tinged fading in(tro) which gives you 'that' feeling. Flip this naughty fella over and you are met by 'Ekleeer' -  a super danceable disco cut rolls out until the vocals drop in and you realise that no other than David Lynch is on the studio! Last cut in thi s mega 12" is for 'Walk',  which previously saw light as a tape only track but it is playful scuffed-up jiggery pokery cried out for a vinyl release so here it is for your full enjoyment. Top draw 12" which can easy reach number one of our dance table here at the Piccadilly Towers Influencers department. 


Sil says: Easily record of the week for me. A surprisingly playful yet stubbornly dancefloor friendly cuts for those in need of alternative, off the beaten track ammunition to entertain your audiences. Majestic.

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