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Taste making label Belters follows up two strong releases by Wheelman and General Ludd respectively with this killer EP from Naum Gabo - concluding a tryptych of Glaswegian releases for the label! The production partnership of Jonnie Wilkes (JG Wikes of Optimo) and James Savage (mastering engineer for Optimo Music) have more than a few credentials between them, practically (part)owning the modern Glasgow electronic / club scene through their myriad projects, labels and club nights. Fittingly enough, Naum Gabo played live at Optimo's Sub Club party back in 2005, and Jonnie’s influential and supportive presence has been felt over the years as Belters evolved.

Dark, sleazy, techy sharps here across five tracks that display perfectly the unique mood and flavour of a night oot on the tiles in Glasgee! Rambunctious and biting, edgy AF but always party-focused. Top stuff here from all involved. 

After dropping nothing but bombs on Highlife, Mister Saturday Night, Clandestine Tracks and Rubadub, the dynamic duo behind the General Ludd alias go casual for a three tracker of big room system bizz on Belters. Bass heavy, a little bleepy and totally rolling these three tracks were made specifically to be played live during their Panorama Bar debut and it's pretty easy to imagine them rocking the joint! "Potnia Theron" starts the party with a rumbling kick, clanging robo-bells and an extended arrangement, slowly swelling from heads down roller to sub-wrecking monster. B1 bomb, "Dance Of The Drones" twists a similar sound palette into a militaristic stomper, before the flautal "Melissa" marries weighty bass and rhythmic intricacies with a little jug band jamming. Superb dark and trippy groovers destined to go straight in the bag of Craig Richards and Ricardo.

Huntleys + Palmers celebrate ten years in existence with friends Ivan Smagghe, Rupert Cross and Matthew Herbert! "In The Morning" is a poppy, electronic post-punk record; with Matthew Herbert on rare vocal duties he delivers a serene performance with slightly melancholic inflections and is supported by a shy, steady, arp-bass / kick-snare rhythm. It's intimate, emotive and seems to get better with every listen - the sign of a perfect pop song! French oddball Pilooski offers up an instrumental of the track, keeping the evocative chord progression, stripping away the vocals and adding loose, live, quirky percussion. Next tune, "MMMMMMM" is an Italian-informed electro disco tune with a seriously authentic, retroist mood. Smagghe & Cross master the oscillator de-tune alongwith with a plethora of other advanced synthesis techniques but never lose touch with the delicate songwriting process. Honey Soundsystem's Jackie House remixes "MMMMMM" into something very deadpan, sleazy and interesting; a graphic spoken word narrative meanders through the track while simple Casio drum beats support a plodding bassline. That vocal will have you hooked till the end on this one, drawing you into its riddled metaphors and abstract storytelling... really good!

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