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New record on Basic Spirit, Tornado Wallace and Jamie Tiller's label that brought us the sell-out Heart Sphere 12" which sampled both Robert Miles' "Children" and the E.R theme tune!

Making sure the second release is as hot as the first, Tornado steps up and delivers four high octane tracks that traverse house, techno and breakbeat.

“Dream Corner” comes in two flavours: stuttered vox and sweeping atmos complimenting the prog-informed breaks n bass on the OG, whilst the ‘speed bump’ mix rapidly ups the tempo for a skippier take; punctuated by an elongated breakdown in which the acceleration occurs. Both are gonna sound great in the open air with the sea reflecting the sun into your eyes in your favourite paradise dance location.

On the flip, “Sea Translation” takes cues from the breakbeat renaissance, rolling out a vintage-flavoured Bowlers styled cut; the type Il Bosco and DJ Absolutely Shit have been turning heads around the UK with recently. Nice to see Tornado jump on the bandwagon with a stylish tribute to the golden years of dance music. Finally, we get a dreamy ambient number to close off the EP. It’s another doozy from the label and bound to sell out sharpish.



Matt says: Following up that cult-adored E.R / Robert Miles-sampling first release; Basic Spirit head Tornado Wallace hits a purple patch on these two breakbeat-laden festival hits with a proggy and expansive outlook making it perfect for the open air. TIP!


A1. Tornado Wallace Presents - Dream Corner (Original Mix)
A2. Tornado Wallace Presents - Dream Corner (Speed Bump Mix)
B1. Tornado Wallace Presents - Sea Translation
B2. Tornado Wallace Presents - Sea Translation (Resurrected Mix)

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