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Baby U Know - 2023 Reissue

    Limited edition red vinyl reissue with DL card of the agit pop four-piece’s second album, Baby U Know. A heady collision of Raincoats-esque indie and ESG-paced rhythms fed through a kaleidoscopic pagan folk filter. The follow up to their critically acclaimed 2018 debut Yes I Jan, this release is a wordy slice of state-of-the-art social commentary wrapped in a perfectly-balanced soundscape that veers from funky minimalism to baroque dream pop.

    With a hint of Ari Up styled vocals backed by a harmonious chorus of concern touching on everything from incantations, essential causes and systematic shopping, all underpinned by a raking violin and bewitching electronic hum.


    Side A
    A1 Progressive Causes
    A2 Sex Cult
    A3 All Forgotten
    A4 My Incantations, Herbs & Art Have Abandoned Me
    A5 Vision Of Change
    Side B
    B1 Shopping In A New City
    B2 You Have Bewitched Me
    B3 Baby You Know
    B4 Too Good To Be True
    B5 Profile Picture – OTO Version

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