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Bas Jan

Back To The Swamp

    Bas Jan return with a polished and poignant collection of perfectly-crafted pop songs that retains their authentic indie edginess. ‘Back To The Swamp’ is a heady tussle between their incorrigible DIY ethics and new responsibilities.

    Serafina Steer, Charlotte Stock, Emma Smith and Rachel Horwood cast an examining eye over modern times, lost love, Tarot intuition and long days in an everyday swamp. Awash with lush chorale effects, orchestral hewn loops, pin sharp electronic beats and sublime harmonies. Back To The Swamp is filled with thought-provoking stories, it’s a reflective worldview. It’s a polished and poignant collection of perfectly-crafted pop songs that retains their authentic indie edginess.

    These new studio recordings feature more accomplished pop production; filled with cerebral one-liners that pluck at the senses. And, there’s a nod to an eclectic mix of influences; The Pet Shop Boys, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Kate Bush, Heaven 17 and Jon Hassell by way of Brian Eno.

    Witches, Tarot readings, road signs, Salt-N-Pepa namechecks and a river all cried out, welcome to the swamp…


    SIDE A
    A1 At The Counter
    A2 No More Swamp
    A3 Credit Card
    A4 Ding Dong
    A5 Margaret Calvert Drives Out
    SIDE B
    B1 Back To The Swamp
    B2 Singing Bar
    B3 Cried A River
    B4 Tarot Card

    Bas Jan

    Baby U Know - 2023 Reissue

      Limited edition red vinyl reissue with DL card of the agit pop four-piece’s second album, Baby U Know. A heady collision of Raincoats-esque indie and ESG-paced rhythms fed through a kaleidoscopic pagan folk filter. The follow up to their critically acclaimed 2018 debut Yes I Jan, this release is a wordy slice of state-of-the-art social commentary wrapped in a perfectly-balanced soundscape that veers from funky minimalism to baroque dream pop.

      With a hint of Ari Up styled vocals backed by a harmonious chorus of concern touching on everything from incantations, essential causes and systematic shopping, all underpinned by a raking violin and bewitching electronic hum.


      Side A
      A1 Progressive Causes
      A2 Sex Cult
      A3 All Forgotten
      A4 My Incantations, Herbs & Art Have Abandoned Me
      A5 Vision Of Change
      Side B
      B1 Shopping In A New City
      B2 You Have Bewitched Me
      B3 Baby You Know
      B4 Too Good To Be True
      B5 Profile Picture – OTO Version

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