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Black Label no. 3 from established Bristol firm Banoffee Pies who have cut out a truly unique and sincere pattern from the house, disco and downbeat clothes of today.

New signing Monotronique delivers a 118bpm, sample heavy bopper in the form of "Baggage With A Secret". Peppered with loose breaks and reverb-heavy brass, it possesses a dark, cinematic mood whilst ensuring enough dancefloor focus through its sub-heavy kicks and sharp snare hits.

Freerotation resident Tom Ellis contributes a sublime almost-micro-house offering. Utilizing those Akufen-esque vocal chops, a skitty, swung house beat and warm Rhodes it recalls the golden years of glitch whilst keeping up to date with the current players. Mega!

Filip Szostak drops a beautifully eyes-down dnb flavoured roller with subtle touches of footwork and electrofunk thrown in for good measure.

Finally the firm invite Lyssna Records own Flord King with another micro-inspired gem for the head bopping late nights on “Shanti”; which should tickle the fancy of fans of Jan Jelinek and vintage Matthew Herbert. Another sterling set of sizzlers from Banoffee Pies!

It can be hard keeping track of all the different little side-projects and sub-labels Bristol's Banoffee Pies are involved in. The relatively young firm have been pivotal in releasing some really quite inspired dance music over the last few years which seems deliciously mellow & biotic in contrast to some of the more icy cold, abrasive dance styles that occupy the scene. Up to record eight on the original stable, Gallegos, a Bristol native, presets four tracks from his studio for our listening pleasure.

"Mad A Hell" opens proceedings with a low-slung breakbeat supporting a vicious, flailing ADSR syth line, shuddering and juddering into focus and sure to cause a rising tide of excitement on the dancefloor. "Beach Feet" contrasts Balearic-tinged Strat guitar lines with gentle propulsive perc and a bubbling b-line to great effect, adding the final embellishment of meandering jazz sax; this is one of those deep coastal burners that'll keep the outdoor terraces simmering nicely as the evening draws in.

Flip for "Be Who You Want To Be", which switches back to the simple, breaks-n-synth formula of the opening track but losing none of its urgency or impact. Finally, "England Is A Bitch" pairs Linton Johnson's powerful spoken word poem ("Inglan Is A Bitch") with riotous flute passages, intricate jazz drumming and mellow Rhodes for a spiritual-jazz-dance hybrid perfectly tailored for 2018's turbulent times. Banoffee Pies ride again! Recommended.

Banoffee Pies continue their totally unrelenting attack on our record shelves and boxes as they roll out another weekly steamer! How Du creates 'deep garage with a minimal spin and a broken beat format' and across nine (yes 9!) tracks we're treated to a full showcase of his skills.

What immediately jumps out at you, listening to the LP, is How Du's beat programming skills - up there with the crème of hip-hop as he tends to his MPC with meticulous efficiency. Next you'll probably clock his expert sound design - tearing atmospheres out of white noise and creating moods and colour through reversed samples and mangled patches. "Testing" finds the producer perfectly in tune with the dancefloor as beautifully compressed kicks n snares permeate through a truly dreamy garage hue; tailor made for loosing yourself in Summer heat and day-long dances. There's something special afoot here folks - subtle, textured, highly detailed sonic pictures from a visionary artist working with just the right tools. Nothing superfluous, every sound sympathetic, balanced and composed. Another release in this week that demonstrates that holiday season has truly landed across the dance music multiverse. Yippeee! 


Matt says: Yes boys! BP really come into flower during the Summer months. Their languid but totally engrossing aesthetic is perfect for melting into your surroundings as a powerful speaker stack throbs away in the distance.

Banoffee Pies' Otaku venture continues in earnest with Swedish born Vilhelm ushering forth the new release- "Mermaid Porn".

A five tracker starting with the swirling aquatics of title track “Mermaid Porn”; full of bubbling effects that aptly recalls the Mood Hut collective. This rolls out into the A2, entitled “Kirchner” which sees exotic melodies meet a dub aesthetic and electronic propulsion for an amalgamation of rich stylings that's sure to please! Standing to attention in the spaceship's cafeteria, the A side comes to a close with “Always In Costume”.

The B side opens with “Saturday Bossa” - drums inspired by the Brazilian music wave of Bossa Jazz with a slight twist. The B2. track, “Skopje” blends off beat percussions with a cutting snare and a more electronic 4/4 direction. As usual, champion stuff from the Bristol massive.

The Walls Of Love

Walls Of Love

Another new series from one of the most prolific of southern-based house camps, Banoffee Pies Records. The new imprint for miscellaneous sounds BPMISC01 airing the newly A&R'd band, The Walls Of Love with their self titled 10" EP. "Walls Of Love" channels that post-punk, disco-not-disco spirit beautifully, nodding to pioneers A Certain Ration & Gang Of Four as it swaggers through the nightclub. "Maxim's Choir" sees rampant saxophone joined by celestial keyboard work and syncopated jazz kit for a stylish direction with proggy notes that's reminiscent of jam bands from both late 70s New York and mid 90s Chicago. Excellent new direction from the Bristol firm.

Putting paid to any attempt at a pre-Christmas diet, another sweet release drops on Banoffee Pies as they serve up Limited Series 06. Adorned with
some saucy Pink legs, this latest volume sees a predominantly Bristol based line up take us through the finest leftfield house, electro, jazz and 2 step. Gallegos’ “Save Your Love For Me” quickly engages your focus with jazzy clarinet licks, enticing vocals and a sophisticated house rhythm, while Seka fuses electro drum programs and deep house pads for the dreamy “Hanging Gardens”. Recent BP signee Jay Anderson returns for his second appeance on the imprint, taking us to the intermission with the emotive jazz chords and complex drum patterns of taut 2 stepper "Dreams". Dropping by to say hi, deep house maestro Owain K kicks off the flip in fine floor filling style, locking us into the sultry, steamy and dreamy "Touched", as immersive a groover as you're likely to find. As with many of its predecessors is EP draws to a close with a proper smokers jam, this time from Embezzlement Society, who chop up jazz piano, muted trumpet and a weird Oizo bass synth to take us around to beatdown town. Diverse and deep shizzle once again!


Matt says: Bristol's Banofee Pies top off what's been a scintillating year for the label with another of their much-loved Limited Series.

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