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Bandante feature George Vjestica of Nick Cave's Bad Seeds, and triumphs in it's direct no-nonsense approach, be that with the heavy rocking vibes of the A side or the anthemic acoustic balladry of the flip. 'Bang Bang' shoots off the starting line with classic single-note riffage and pummeling drum kit, backed with heavy AF distorted guitar chords and gruffly shouted vocal refrains. 'My Friend' is a much more pensive number, with acoustic guitar jangling behind booming bass, and Vjestica's vocals. A wistful ode to companionship, and a suitably beautiful tribute. 


Barry says: A brilliantly classic 7 of two sides this one. The heavier rock and roll clatter of the A-Side versus the wistful acoustic number on the flipside. Both are beautiful but in completely different ways, and really display the songmanship of such a talented bunch. Brilliant.


A. Bang Bang

B. My Friend

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