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Baby Shakes

Sweet'n'Sour (Part 2)

    This is the first of two Dimple Disc label singles, where Baby Shakes take tunes from The Undertones' songwriters Damian O'Neill and Billy Doherty and stamp their imprint all over them. First up, "Sweet'n'Sour (Part2)" is a reimagining of a key track from Damian's 2018 solo LP "Refit, Revise, Reprise" transformed from slinky T.Rex to stomping Sweet glam rock pomp. It is coupled with a hectic, barn storming version of Billy's "Really Really" previously bashfully hiding itself on the B side of the 1979 Undertones single "Get Over You". The backing tracks were laid down by Billy (drums/percussion), Damian (guitar, bass, organ) and Stephen Mailey (guitar) with Baby Shakes (Mary, Judy and Claudia) flying in from New York to add their vocals.


    Ltd 7" Info: A limited edition of 800 in crystal, silver, magenta and black (200 each randomly distributed).

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