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Chicos De Nazca


    'Ether' is Chico De Nazca's seventh album that deepens into psych rock with anchors in those wonderful 70s and great reminiscences of the 90s lysergic ballads. Different soundscapes, lo-fi sludgy production and spacier songs that flow beautifully. Chicos this time manages to make warm sun-washed album that reflects several tours, long day jams and rock and roll living on their skin.

    Alfredo Thiermann & Tres Warren

    Land In The Sky

      "Land in the Sky” is an album by architect Alfredo Thiermann (formerly of Föllakzoid) and musician Tres Warren (Psychic Ills). It is the result of an extended sonic conversation between them that developed over the course of two years while both resided in different parts of the world. It is a friendship with a strong emphasis on sonic exchanges rather than other forms of communication. It was recorded in each of their domestic spaces and studios in Santiago de Chile and New York City - separate from one another and sent via email.

      The music came together without prior discussion of direction. Tres recalls: “Alfredo sent me some songs and asked me to play on them. He planted the seed, but he didn’t say much. I think he might have mentioned slide guitar which I was playing a lot of at that time. I was entranced by Bruce Langhorne’s music from the Western film ‘The Hired Hand’ and to me, this was an opportunity to explore something similar to that. A formless type of music, but one that is rooted in an early American tradition. I began playing freeform patterns over his piano but soon enough the sounds begin to intertwine. Even though we weren’t in the same space making this together, a strong feeling began to come through regardless.

      Alfredo remembers: “I was entering a new place in my life. I was leaving my band, Föllkazoid; having my first son Pedro Tristán, and starting my architectural practice. I was trying to figure out a way to keep producing music and relate it to my interests as an architect. I’ve always been after a kind of space between the virtual and the actual. I thought that the repetitive and pattern-based piano songs that I was making at home could be understood as a kind of space —with its rhythms, its clear geometry, and its atmosphere. Then I decided to invite Tres —with whom I had toured the US a couple of months prior— to join this “space” and have a kind of conversation through it. We ended up building this together.

      The four 10-minute long tracks are the traces of their exchange of various emotional and mental states. They are prolonged and repetitive meditations composed by simple shapes and forms that almost act as a primitive language. “Land in the Sky” is a sonic correspondence, an experiment bridging continental distances, an intangible and immaterial space, the space of music. Similarly intangible, the cover of the album is a contribution by the photographer James Welling, known for his photo on the cover of Sonic Youth’s ‘Bad Moon Rising.’

      Virginia Trance

      Virginia Trance

        Virginia Trance first LP, the solo project of Scott Ryan Davis (formerly of Images and Psychic Ills), after a self-released 7″ single “Your Guru” presents this debut album following the same loose-jointed, rambling expedition through mercurial guitar and lilting, Neil Young-esque vocals that are joined by steady bass and dynamic percussion. Sounding lighter but groovier, songs with expressive drumming, reverb-dipped vocals, and dewy guitar.

        Ryan-Davis says “The album was recorded and mixed in three sessions during the Summer 2014 - Winter 2015 in Brooklyn, NY with my friend RJ Gordon. I had recently moved back into town after spending time out in Arkansas to be with my now wife. We were in a small town located between Memphis, Tennessee and West Memphis, Arkansas on the Mississippi River. There were soybean fields outside my bedroom windows. The idea for the sessions was to lay down a few songs I had been writing. Everything is loose, rambling, and slightly fried. The album takes cues and titles from recent history. Outside of RJ (who also plays in the bands Baked, Titus Andronicus, etc) I was fortunate to have longtime bassist Jarred Joly playing on a few tracks like Lunar Son, and Booker Stardrum (who also plays his own stuff, in Cloud Becomes Your Hand, etc) on drums for a few tunes includingNew Attitude. So we kept everything stripped down with minimal production and there you go”.

        Nova Materia

        All The Way EP

          Caroline and Eduardo scoured the scenes of Europe and Latin America for over 12 years with their post punk band PANICO. Ten albums later, Caro and Edu launch a new project: NOVA MATERIA. NOVA MATERIA was born from the willingness to consider music as a direct derivative of the natural and industrial elements that surround us. More electronic and experimental than PANICO, the duo uses raw material to transform and recycle: scrap metal tubes, stones rubbed on metal, drum, beat boxes, bass, electric guitars used as percussions....To refine their sound Caro and Edu fetched parisian DJ and producer CHLOE, a real expert in turning raw elements into gold nuggets. Their first EP "APARECE EN SUENOS" released on Paris based label Kill The Dj is a concentrate of wild energy, live act ferocity and sound experiments magnified by CHLOE. Their second EP "ALL THE WAY" will be released through chilean label BYM and will feature remixes from Alejandro Paz, Föllakzoid and Paul Thomson from Franz Ferdinand.

          Their mystical, electrically charged mineral quality charges through ‘All The Way’ and advances their base values established on the previous release. The agenda is to flow without restraint while harnessing a DIY-Artesanal mode of production with feedback and BPM. This is full frontal and raw, with a knowing nod to Chicago house, an urgent twist of power pop and an unhealthy dose of sexual tension - so as you might imagine - it works. The high end production with a deft touch from Chloé Thévenin helps too, casting as it does a well meaning eye on the duo’s new material since their early steps. Nova Materia remains a compelling mixture of joyous confusion and organised chaos of noise mastery where the anarchy is channeled to evoke and stir something living within the dancer.

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