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    A few weeks back a lovely chap called into our shop and left me a 7" single, this happens a lot. When I got it home it turned out to be really good, this doesn't happen a lot. Now I have managed to track down the first 2x7" EP from Werewolves, containing four tracks of their primitive psychedelic indie vibes, it's a bit garage, a tiny dab of Krautrock ("Haunt"), some darkness and a fair bit of shoegazery. This is the first release on their label too, straight outta NY and to your front door, via a Piccadilly Records exclusive...

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    Looking great John 👌Thanks for ordering and sharing 🙏 @DeadOceans @whereisMUNA
    Fri 24th - 12:45
    Yes, physical copies available July 1. Get your pre-orders in here 👇 @TheVintageCrop
    Fri 24th - 12:12
    #newmusicfriday has come round once again 🙌 Here’s a small selection of some of the great records out today. Labe…
    Fri 24th - 12:07
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