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The Charlatans

Different Days

    Tim Burgess's favourite off the new LP . I know this  because he told me on the day of the signing session in our shop! Having said that, he did keep contradicting himself as each track whizzed by, No THIS is my favourite, hang on...THIS is my favourite!!!
    Different Days has a glorious melody with a slyly West Coast vibe (the Neil Young wannabe's America, anyone?) and a sumptuos, tidy groove, designed like most of the album, to make the world a much happier place! Job done!


    Andy says: Perfect pop with a blissful, warm, summer feel.

    Yes! A brand new Charlatans album. Needless to say we're dead excited about this.

    Includes loads of guest, inc. Johnny Marr, Paul Weller, Gillian and Stephen from New Order, Kurt Wagner from Lambchop, Ian Rankin, Nic from Factory Floor... 

    More info soon.


    Coloured LP Info: Clear vinyl edition.

    7" Box Set Info: 5 x 7" box set.

    The Charlatans

    Modern Nature

      Following the death of drummer Jon Brookes last year, The Charlatans regrouped and set to work on their 12th album. As always, they’ve drawn on the past as well as the present to create their musical melting pot. “Talking In Tones” and “In The Tall Grass” have an early morning post-rave melancholy, there’s Mayfield-esque soul in “Keep Enough”, “Emilie” and “Come Home Baby” are pure pop, and “So Oh” with its sun dappled West Coast vibes is an absolute gem. The anthemic “Let The Good Times Be Never Ending” is prime Charlatans with wah-wah guitars and swirling Hammond keys over driving bass lines and skittering drums. And throughout it all, Tim’s vocals are sublime. Yes, there is melancholy here, but this is by no means a maudlin elegy to a lost friend, instead there’s love and real warmth. It’s an optimistic, forward looking album and their best in a decade.

      Q have already described the album as “ one the finest of their career”, whilst the Guardian have called it “a triumph”

      The album comes after a difficult year for the band following the death from brain cancer of their old friend and drummer Jon Brookes last year. Rogers says that they were determined to carry on to honour Brookes' memory.


      Andy says: One of the best records of the year just got even better!


      2xDeluxe CD Info: The deluxe CD edition includes 4 bonus tracks.

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