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Mr Assister


After the uneventful resolution of a labour dispute at Assistance HQ, the resident pencil-pushers turn their tempo dial to a leisurely 105bpm, at long last serving up lukewarm plates of BEAM-03 to the more sluggish peak-time massive. In 'Mambala', the now-obligatory bongo jostles with squelchy synths, whilst echoed claps and ominous bells should see even the most hesitant rabbit dragged down the hole. 'Bebny' experiments with low pH levels, metallic clutter, and some surprise horn cameos.


Sil says: According to me this monster 12" is the best that has happened to the dance section of Piccadilly Records this week. It was played on the shop stereo and I jumped off the stool about 30 seconds into the A side to enquire about it. What a beast. This is timeless. Not too slow or fast, just at the right speed of chuggy, ravey and with a healthy dose of bass and oddness. This label does not give up. Quality all around. Beam me up all the way!

Mr Assister

Masonic Forest / Jordan

The enigmatic Mr Assister returns to his lab for BEAM's second release (over a year since the first one, which is still quite hot in my box....-Matt). Equally as shamanic, and resonating with our primal instincts, "Masonic Forest" sees a rabble of delirious bongos get blown off course then held back together by a humming, elastic band mid-bass. Intoxicating and reeking of outdoor dance parties, this is the perfect soundtrack to tribal, 'feathers'n'facepaint' (remember?!) terraces and dancefloors alike and pretty much epitomizes the term 'rainforest house' probably a year or two after I initially coined it! "Jordan" keeps us equatorial, another sweltering hot summer house jam to get truly lost in, with a similar sound palette to "Masonic Forest". Immediately giving you that injection of sweaty. balmy nights dancing under the stars; don't sleep on this fiery double-header of hot house action. Highly recommended!


Matt says: Mr Assister lays down a new standard for the 'rainforest house' blueprint. Instantly taking us back to that feathers n facepaint vibe!

Mr Assister

Izma / Arland Rain

Older and wiser almost two years on from his tabloid-smash debut on 1-800-Dinosaur, Mr Assister winds down the tempo somewhat as the inaugural release on BEAM begins its reluctant dribble out of Assistance HQ. On the A-side, 'Izma' sits firmly within the parameters of the now infamous bongo-tsunami sound, while retaining sufficiently luscious strings to tickle any remaining hearts-on-sleeves. Meanwhile, on the bleepier 'Arland Rain', things are dragged into even chuggier territories, and should 808 hi-hats seem uncharacteristically rigid, the arrival of better-late-than-never xylophone fodder ought to assist with the appeasement of the ever-ravenous tropical crowd. One of our favourite records right now!

Mastered by the eminent Matt Colton.

Magical drawings provided by Nadine Kolodziey.

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