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Crest Of A Wave / Twistin Times

"When b&b meet to boogaloo,
there’s a certain swing in what they do.
one digs an cuts and does the do,
one creates 'n' plays the magic shoobidoo.
Now throw your socks and move your feet
as we get way down to their beat!"

What have we here? Unless I'm much mistaken (which I never am), this is the long awaited, presumed lost collaboration between Growing Bin's Basso and UK-DIY dub-wave priestess Brenda Ray. If you've been landlocked for the past few years I'll give you the scoop straight from the swell. The Hamburg digger cut a little Swiss harp into a gorgeous groove, but found an important ingredient was missing. Who better to make the magic happen than musical genius Brenda Ray, who mixed and wove a melodica spell, bringing it all together into a Balearic masterpiece.
Insanely limited, beautifully turned out (check that sleeve by Jiro Bevis!) and all round amazing, each copy sold will secure a charitable donation. Bueno.


Patrick says: Sublime work from Balearic royalty Basso and Brenda Ray here, combining all the best flavours of new age, dub and downbeat into two classy poolside groovers. Chopping harp-ambient and Italo obscurity, Basso creates the perfect grooves for Brenda to dub 'n' dance. Balearic record of the week, 7" of the year!

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Fri 16th - 1:54
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