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Oren Ambarchi

Raga Ooty / Nilgiri Plateau

    Raga Ooty unearths three previously unreleased works (each titled with reference to the area in south India where his mother was born) from Oren Ambarchi’s archive, showcasing the rawer side of his solo work between 2006 and 2011. The side-long Raga Ooty unspools a twisting, skittering thread of gritty guitar harmonics over a bed of buzzing tambura drone, creating the same paradoxical impression of simultaneous stasis and forward propulsion achieved by minimalist masters such as Henry Flynt, to whom this work is dedicated. The Nilgiri Plateau generates an 8 minute wash of gleaming overtones from a 12 string acoustic guitar played with motors, continuing the experiments first made public on the 2007 Stacte Motors LP. The closing Raga Ooty (Slight Return) returns to the distorted guitar harmonic hysterics of the opening piece, this time elaborated over a wash of Ambarchi’s signature Leslie cabinet tones, building relentlessly over the course of 12 minutes recorded live in Basel late last year.

    This is it. The number one. El Numero Uno. The Bomb. The tune that gives you street soul bass up in your face and will destroy your speakers if you're not careful. Quite simply the greatest & most sought after street soul holy grail of them all. The sound of Manchester then and now. Adored the world over and currently (ambitiously) selling on Discogs for £1999.00. Bô'vel - Check 4 U (1996) will finally be available again via Be With in July.

    Fully remastered, produced in conjunction with Bô'vel herself and our man RUF DUG and featuring the huge METRODOME remix everyone's been raving about on the flip. Ltd. to 1000. Don't sleep. ENJOY.


    Matt says: Here it is folks! Most anticipated 12" of the year following HOT-2-TROT plays at Ruffy's Lab, Red Laser, Wet Play AND Friend's And Family. A taste of pure MCR history, from '96 to now with the original conceived way back during the first bout of Three Lions fever while Metrodome's remix brings the flavour straight back to Moss Side circa 2k18. This is the real shit!!!

    Bo Diddley

    16 All-Time Greatest Hits


      Originally unleashed back in 1964, 16 All-Time Greatest Hits delivers two fat album sides stuffed with Bo Diddley’s electrifyingly unique rock ‘n’ roll, R&B and African Juba rhythms... Featured here are the iconic recordings of “Bo Diddley,” “I’m A Man, “Road Runner,“ and “Who Do You Love,” plus the monstrous first-waxings of “Pretty Thing,” “Hush Your Mouth,” and much, much more! These original Chess/Checker mono recordings sound better than ever. Pressed at RTI, on gorgeous colored vinyl!

      The Diddley experience is a swaggering onslaught of syncopation that reflects the performer’s own confidence and vision. Here are some of the most popular, award-winning and bestselling cuts from the artist’s catalog – Bo Diddley’s 16 All-Time Greatest Hits!

      Bo Diddley

      Have Guitar Will Travel - 180g Vinyl Mono Edition

      Good Lord. Bo Diddley came out with all guns blazing on his floor-rattling romp from 1960, 'Have Guitar Will Travel'. The LP would become a blueprint for SO much great rock ’n’ roll that followed: the Stones covered “Mona” in 1965, the Masters Apprentices walloped “Dancing Girl,” the Downliners Sect blasted through “Nursery Rhyme,” and “Cops and Robbers” even named one of the baddest mid-60s UK R&B combos ever! Really... Who in the hell wouldn’t be inspired by hearing this opus that followed on the heels of Bo’s devastating first two albums??? 'Have Guitar Will Travel' was packed with the same badass guitar, bolder-than-bold vocals, and trademark Diddley beat that had already made Bo a stone legend and man-among-men. Kicking off with the gospel-shouter “She’s Alright,” (with the background singers answering Bo’s every word), we stomp through the trash-talking “Say Man, Back Again,” Bo’s run-through-the-jungle “Run Diddley Daddy,” the amorous “I Love You So,” we hear hot, distorted licks traded with Lady Bo on the monstrous “Mumblin’ Guitar,” and SO MUCH MORE... The album also dipped into the vaults for the killer Diddley beater “Dancing Girl,” the exotic instro “Spanish Guitar,” and the mind-blowing “Mona” (titled “I Need You Baby” for this LP).

      This killer 180-gram edition - from the magnificent original Chess mono master reels – finally puts this album back in print on vinyl, properly. Accept no damn imitations.

      Bo Diddley

      Bo Diddley

        The full-length debut by the man known as the Originator of rock & roll should need no introduction. Though never a top seller on par with his Chess Records rival Chuck Berry, Bo produced a catalog of classics to compete with all but a handful of the best early rockers, pushing rock and roll to its funkiest ever. The Bo Diddley beat - that “bomp, ba-bomp-bomp, bomp-bomp” to which the pop-garage 1965 hit “I Want Candy” by the Strangeloves owes everything - is one of rock and roll’s bedrock rhythms, showing up in the work of Buddy Holly, the Velvet Underground, and the Rolling Stones to name but a few. An all time classic that stretched back as far as Africa for its roots, and looked as far into the future as rap, while still remaining a milestone in the transition from blues to early rock and roll.

        Bo Marley

        Masters Of The Universe

          After their undying classic album from 2007, Bo Marley are finally back with a vengeance - and a massive ghettoblaster! Always ready to rock your backyard, street corner super market (as done in a legendary surprise attack last year in Leipzig), the Harlev homeboys once again power up their Chariot Of Fire and drop a floor-devastating tape reel here that effortlessly rolls up electrifying beats, short-wired robo-magic and a voltage drenched low-rider bass into one big and long masterpiece. The patented Bo space-lyrics in German/Danish warp mode are again dealing with the big timeless themes of our age: rocking it on stage ("Wir Setzt Den Trend"), rolling along with the Bo Mobile ("Rollen Vorbei"), the joys of driving a scooter ("Mofa Fahren") and Robot Cars ('with volt power - yeah!'). Kaptain Dreck joins the posse for one tune here, with a fistful of rhymes that would even impress He-Man himself. With Fe-tape for Xtra Bass! Be quick - ultra-limited edition. Skeletor need not apply.

          According to Maurizio himself in the notes of his homemade YouTube video, "Obsession For The Disco Freaks" is an electro high energy track, his own ironic tribute to all Italo lovers and 80s vinyl collectors. This Fool's Gold USA version 12" comes backed by brand new reworks from some of today's current electronic masters. Nacho Lovers bring echoed-out bongo breaks and children's chants to their electrohouse mix; Freeform Five turn it into a dark, techy stomper; and Lil Bo Tweak closes the show with some signature jerky, fidgety bounce.

          Dredd Foole & Ed Yazijian

          That Lonesome Road Between Hurt And Soul

          Dredd Foole (Dan Ireton) and Ed Yazijian met while wandering the shadowy corners of the Boston 80s post-punk scene. Ed was playing in such avant-rock combos as High Risk Group and 7 or 8 Wormhearts (and the original pre-LP Cul de Sac). Dan had just dissolved Dredd Foole & the Din, tired of rock as a form and the extraordinary loudness of the group. He wanted a chance to do some real singing. Ed was feeling a need for something more subtle and embraced the idea of actually being able to hear what he played. They set out to turn the world onto the largely acoustic folk and free improv stew they had cooked up. The rock audiences of Boston where not impressed. Indifference and downright hostility were the norm. There was talk of an LP and some tentative recordings were done. But before anything could materialize, frustration took over and Dan decided to retire from performing music altogether. Ed went back to rock music with Kustomized. And eventually, Dan bought a four-track and recorded the LP "In Quest of Tense" (which some consider the opening salvo of the free-folk movement) with Ed appearing on one track. But by the time it was released, they had gone their separate ways. Years later by a series of coincidences they reconnected. (Ed was in Chicago, Dan had moved to Vermont) and they found that when they played together again it seemed nothing had been lost. They did a short tour with comrades and friends Damon & Naomi and eventually played the now legendary Brattleboro Free Folk Festival. They found that audiences were now more open to their efforts. A couple of years passed during which Dan released three solo records and a record with a new improvisational Din (which included Chris Corsano, Thurston Moore and the members of Pelt). Ed recorded and released his brilliant solo record, Six Ways to Avoid the Evil Eye and was even caught playing live with folks like Richard Bishop and Sunburned Hand of the Man. Then, against all odds, February 2008 found Ed & Dan recording with Ed at the helm in Foole's Ashram in Brattleboro for the better part of a week. "That Lonesome Road Between Hurt And Soul" is the result of those sessions. Some improvisations are built on Dan's songs played in a totally unfettered manner. One is based on a tune by J. Mascis (Dan has been playing this one solo live for a while). And some were recorded as they were created. Long talked about, long awaited, years in the making the Dredd Foole & Ed Yazijian recordings are finally here.

          Noble (drums/percussion), Edwards (bass) and Ward (electric guitar) play together on this CD. Simple statement, but playing is a serious business. Play incorporates language, ritual, myth, laughter. Play is at the heart of the interaction of these great players. From the opening riff, with Ward's scattergun guitar fizzing around Noble's detonations, the game is on. It's often the element of play in improvised music that prepares the ears for its more profound moments. The skittering of drum and bass gives way, suddenly, to a sonic shriek, a blast that leaves the listener metaphorically pressed against the wall. There are few musical experiences that move from the titillating to the terrifying in such a short space of time. Noble, Edwards, Ward are experts at the improv game, tooled up, as they are, with the sharpest of musical wits, the most adroit techniques and almost uncanny powers of perception.

          Bo Hansson

          The Lord Of The Rings

          The second disc inspired by Tolkein's "The Lord Of The Rings" sticks much closer to following the actual narrative than the more expressionistic version by the Nazgul also available this week. With tracks called "Leaving Shire", "The Horns Of Rohan" and "The Battle Of The Pelennor Field", this 1969 instrumental odyssey was well received in its day and Hansson is a brilliant keyboard player. This is remastered with new sleeve notes.

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