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Debut release from Austudy: "Burning It Up: Australian Reggae (1979-1986)". A
compilation surveying the influence of reggae on Australia’s preoccupation with rock, pop, post-punk and new wave between the years of 1979-1986. Much like the cross fertilization that occurred here in the UK. This selection of 8 obscure tracks originally issued on 7” records represent some of the earliest examples of reggae sounds in Australian recorded music. Comes with beautifully illustrated lithograph printed booklet. Highly recommended!


1. Nights In Shining - Surfin’ Reggae
2. Wide Boy Youth - Busy Bleeding
3. Delaney Venn - Prisoner (LP Version)
4. Time Lords Inc. - Don’t  5. Lifesavers - Burning It Up
6. Janie Conway - Temptation 
7. Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - Shape I’m In (Dub Version)
8. The Agents - Night People 

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