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Demolition 9 is New York electronic music pioneer Martin Rev’s ninth solo album, and first new material since 2009. Comprised of 34 wildly divergent vignettes – only one of which reaches three minutes in length – he describes it as autobiographical “yearning for joy and the unattainable perfection of the artistic ideal.” The record spans a lifetime’s worth of moods and musings, encompassing fragments of Rev’s varied passions accrued across his nearly half-century long career. From violent percussion experiments to neo-classical reveries to noir-sleaze abstractions and beyond, Demolition 9 offers a radically non-linear spelunk through the dreams and distractions of one of the 20th century’s most influential sonic iconoclasts.


1 Stickball
2 Salve Dominus
3 Deus
4 Pace
5 My Street
6 T'Amo
7 Into The Blue
8 Requiem
9 Now
10 Blayboy
11 In Our Name
12 Never Mind
13 Vision Of Mari
14 Warning
15 Salvame
16 Dies Irae
17 RBL
18 Venitas
19 Stretch
20 Creation
21 Toi
22 Pièta
23 It's Time
24 Tacha's Toy
25 Back To Philly
26 Stelle
27 Inside Out
28 Beatus
29 Tuba
30 Rêve
31 Concrete
32 She
33 Darling
34 Excelsis

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