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'I had the honour of remixing all of the Bamboo tapes that J.Derwort ever recorded. Most of my mixes were approved by the master himself during the last days of his life in Oliva, Spain. For "Eleven", I sampled from his last live performance at Jazzcafe Dizzy in Rotterdam on February 11th, 2018. He died on the day of the release of our latest Chi Factory album, ‘The Mantra Recordings’, on February 11th, 2019. We will miss him, life will not be the same. Farewell soul brother!' - Hanyo van Oosterom.

Astral Industries continue to be market leaders in esotertic electronics, this latest offering channelling the spirit of the Amazon through a plethora of outboard gear and field recordings. It's another essential addition for AI collectors and sure to tickle the fancy of anyone with a penchant for the occult and ritualistic sounds....

Cult label Astral Industries reissue Atom Hearts' 1994 ambient work "Dots" on vinyl for the first time. A serene and dreamlike collection recorded in Frankfurt at Sel I/S/C. Full of delicate and emotive keyboard and synthesizer work; it merges lounge chord with childish melodies; conjuring up a naive sense of suspended bliss that's rich and evocative. Angelic, choir-like pad presets and extended reverb time add to the grandiose sense of abandon; like you're slowly ascending up to a heavenly and benign place.

Under exclusive license from the AtomTM_Audio_Archive this is an oft-overlooked but seriously classy electronic-ambience LP.

The Chi Factory

The Mantra Recordings

Dedicated to the life and work of Robert Lax (1915-2000), the American poet who lived on Patmos, Greece, as a self-exiled hermit since the sixties. Jack Kerouac called Lax 'one of the great original voices of our times, a Pilgrim in search of beautiful innocence'.

His great minimalistic poetry became a source of inspiration for the "Mantra Recordings". His life on Patmos was far away from public attention - quiet and always surrounded by the skies, seas, cats and birds. Lax was a real dreamcatcher.

As has become the norm for Chi Factory on Astral Industries - a veritable smorgasbord of all things esoteric, ambient and ritualistic, gelled together with a chloroplastic binding that emanates a natural, biotic nature. If you've ever wondered what'd be like to visit the region in Terrence McKenna's 'True Hallucinations' novel, this could well take you halfway there... Recommended. 

The Chi Factory

The Kallikatsou Recordings

    Hanyo van Oosterom lived in the small cave of the Kallikatsou in the early eighties, finding inspiration there for the Chi project (1983-1986). From the nineties to 2006 he created drones, loops, samples and soundscapes, traveling numerous times annually back and forth to the Kallikatsou for fine-tuning. With the Original Recordings and Bamboo Recordings, both strongly connected to the Kallikatsou, creating the perfect timeframe, 'the circle [is] closed. Together these recordings reflect and express the different aspects of the experience. A trilogy of random dream-catching over 30 years.'


    Matt says: Fans of Chi Factory's "Original Recordings" and "Bamboo Recordings" can finally get some closure as the final record in the triptych lands this week. More unfathomably esoteric sounds from a true witch doctor.

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