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Recorded in a string of sessions between Curve Pusher’s former Darnley Road location in London and new facility in UK seaside town Hastings, "Old Tight Selektah"​ sees Radioactive Man and Ben Pest (OverworX) riff off their shared passions for studio hardware and live set jams, maintaining the funk at all times.

Lead track ​"Old Tight"​ works in ​recorded licks from the Pest band’s horn section - Off-Key He-Man. "Bar Tab" smooths out into a glimmering and acid licked electro number. ​"You Bring It, We’ll Wing It​" enjoys more of the Pest brass service, slowing the pace to a dubby, broken beat tempo. Finishing up the EP "​Bracetings​" is a jumpy, up tempo finish to the release showing off both producer’s flair for high precision beat programming.

Ben Pest is a hardware-made-techno specialist based in Bristol. He runs his own label OverworX and has also released his heady raucous sound on ​Varvet, Don’t and I Love Acid.

Mastered and cut by Keith Tenniswood at Curve Pusher.

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